Nintendo DS: Harvest Moon Island of Happiness Game Guide With Money, Heart Event, Fishing and Tool Guides

Nintendo DS: Harvest Moon Island of Happiness Game Guide With Money, Heart Event, Fishing and Tool Guides
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Here is the continuation of the Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness game guide. Part 1 is available here!


You can make money in many different ways in Island of Happiness. The best way is by shipping crops, animal products, fish, mined items and cooked items. You can also forge the island for flowers, rocks and mushrooms that can be shipped. Also in the spring, seaweed grows on the rock on the beach which can be sold or used as a recipe ingredient.

Shipping boxes are found outside of Taro’s house and on your ranch. To ship an item just put it into the box. If you put it in before 5 p.m the money will be in your account the next day. If you put it in after 5 p.m. you will have to wait an extra day to get your money.

Elliot Heart Event

Heart Events

These are little cut scenes that happen with bachelors or bachelorettes. You must have completed up to the yellow heart event favorably in order for marriage conditions to be met. There are three different heart events corresponding to a heart color which are: purple, blue, yellow. There is a special orange heart event that will only happen if you have seen the other three heart events.

Each heart event is triggered at a different time for each bachelors or bachelorette and you must answer a question or two correctly for them to like you more. If you answer wrong you will lose friendship points with them.

Get your fishing pole!


This is a good way to make money. You can pull in about 2,000 - 3,000 a day by fishing and it takes very little stamina. However, you have to give Taro a present in order for him to give you the fishing pole and it cannot be upgraded. Also, you must talk to him for several days before he’ll accept your present. Give him colored grass after you have talked to him for a week and the next day he will give you the fishing pole.

You can fish in any pond, stream or the ocean. Small and medium fish are found in any body of water. Large fish are only found in the ocean. Large fish bring in the most money. You will also catch fish bones, rubber boots and other junk while fishing. Be sure to throw it away. No one likes a litterer!


Axe - used to chop branches and stumps into logs.

Hammer - used to mine and smash rocks.

Hoe - used to till your land before farming.

Scythe - used to harvest grass and rice.

Watering can - used to water plants

Fishing Pole - used to fish. Cannot be upgraded.

Brush - used to brush cows, horses and sheep to increase love. Buy at Mirabelle’s store.

Milker - used to milk cow. Can only be used once a day. Buy at Mirabelle’s store.

Clipper - used to clip wool from sheep. Can only be used once a day. Buy at Mirabelle’s store.


In order to farm you must till the land with the hoe, toss the seeds in the highlighted area and water them everyday. Once they are ready to be picked you can pick them and ship them for money. If it is raining you do not need to water your crops. You can also enter your crops in competitions at certain festivals. Check your calendar to see what festivals are coming up so you know what to plant! If you do not water your plants they will wilt.

Some crops will grow for the whole season. Every time you pick them there will be more to pick in a few days (tomatoes and eggplant for example). However, crops like potatoes and radishes do not grow back. Once you pick them the soil will be un-tilled the next day.

In your second year of the game you can buy fruit trees. They will grow all year long, but they will not give you any fruit for a whole year. Remember to water them and to give them enough space on every side (put them in the middle of a nine squared plot) so they can grow!

Barn Work!


You can get all of these animals by meeting these requirement.

Chicken - build a chicken coop and Taro will give you a chick as a present. You can buy more chickens from Mirabelle’s shop or get an incubator and raise your own. Produces eggs.

Cow - build a barn and Taro will give you one as a present. You can buy more cows from Mirabelle’s shop or get Cow Miracle Potion and get your cow pregnant. Produces milk.

Dog - Must open road to the forest, have at least 2 hearts with Mirabelle and go into the forest on a day it is either raining or snowing. Protects livestock.

Horse - Chen will give you a horse when you have spent a lot of money at his shop. Just buy a chocolate bar everyday and he will give you one in a season. You can ride it.

Sheep - Unlock 2 male farmer sub villagers and they will be available to buy from Mirabelle’s shop. Produces wool.

Also, animals can die in Island of Happiness if you don’t take care of them properly. Remember to feed them and don’t leave them out at night. They can get sick or attacked by wild dogs. If an animal dies because of neglect on your part you will lose hearts with the villagers.

Be a Miner!


The mine is on the mountain near the forest. To access it you must have Gannon build the bridge to the forest. It has 255 levels you can reach by falling into pitfalls or finding the stairs to the lower levels by tilling the ground. Falling makes you lose stamina, but it is much faster than tilling. Just mining the first 20 floors can give you 10,000 gold in one day if you throw out all junk ore and fill your rucksack (a 30 item rucksack) totally full. The deeper you go in the mine the more profitable jewels and ores you will find. The best way to mine is to fill your rucksack full of food and fall (while replenishing your stamina every few floors) until you reach one you would like to mine at. To exit the mine just go to the stairs.

Cooking Time!


In order to learn how to cook, you have to unlock the Cafe and Diner in East Town. Also, you must have upgraded your house with Gannon and bought a kitchen from Chen’s shop. Then you have to bring the owners of the Cafe and Diner an ingredient and they will cook something with it, thus teaching you the recipe. However, sometimes it doesn’t work and you will have lost the item. Also, you can only give them one item a day. Cooking comes in handy because cooked items are worth more than raw items. You can even add your own ingredients to make a variation of a learned recipe.

Festival Fun!

Festivals and Special Events

In Island of Happiness every season there are several festivals you can take part in. A villager will tell you about them the day before. Some of them involve competitions that you must be prepared for. Your calendar will tell you what competition is going to take place.

Also, there are special events that you must keep an eye on your calendar for like villager birthdays or special days in which you can go on dates with the villager you are courting. In most cases you must ask the villager out on a date the day before.

Wonderful Stones

These little jewels allow you to upgrade your tools. Each color corresponds to certain abilities. You can only obtain Wonderful Stones by winning first place in competitions, buying them from Chen’s store in the Winter or getting them from the lowest levels of the mine.

The tools you start with only have one slot for Wonderful Stones. In Gannon’s shop you can buy tools with up to three slots available. Charlie can attach Wonderful Stones to your tools when he is in Chen’s shop.

Wonderful Stones do the following:

Red - increase tool range by 1.

Orange - increase amount of item produced by tool use.

Yellow - increase tool power.

Green - decrease stamina use of tool by 1.

Blue - increase tool range by 2.

Indigo - adds 5 Wonderful Stone slots.

Purple - earn 2 gold per tool usage.

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