Rune Factory: Frontier Review - Mixing Harvest Moon with an RPG

Rune Factory: Frontier Review - Mixing Harvest Moon with an RPG
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The Good Parts (3 out of 5)


Rune Factory: Frontier deftly combines the romantic notion of farming (remember Harvest Moon?) with the excitement and epic nature of a fantasy action role-playing game for the Wii console. The variety of tasks, adventures, chores, and things to do is nice and keeps you involved in the slow gameplay of Rune Factory.

The Bad Parts (3 out of 5)

The pace will certainly keep many gamers away. Many of the tasks will be boring to gamers used to more action and death in their gameplay. However, if you would like to build something and keep improving it, you’ll probably enjoy playing Rune Factory for the Nintendo Wii.

Graphics (3 out of 5)

Rune Factory Frontier screenshot

Rune Factory: Frontier has the same cute visual presentation that was included with the Harvest Moon titles, and looks almost exactly the same as far as the game screens, details and textures. The new dungeons, monsters, weapons and jobs all look pretty good. Each is distinctive and unique, and adds a little more variety to the gameplay.

Sounds (3 out of 5)

Rune Factory Frontier screenshot 2

The soundtrack included with Rune Factory: Frontier sounds almost exactly the same as the tracks in Harvest Moon. It is a little slow paced. Something faster would certainly have helped to keep the energy up when playing this insanely slow game.

The character voices are still wonderfully entertaining. Each voice is unique and helps to create personality in each character you interact with while playing.

Storyline (3 out of 5)

In Rune Factory: Frontier you will tend to your farm as you did in Harvest Moon, only with an added elements of light RPG action that makes tending your farm and taking care of the chores a little more entertaining and adds energy to a game that’s known for being a little slow paced (some would say boring). You need to balance your social calendar as well while playing Rune Factory. Charming your neighbors and the townsfolk you interact with is one of the most entertaining and interesting aspects of the game.

Playability (3 out of 5)

Rune Factory Frontier screenshot 3

Rune Factory: Frontier is every bit as entertaining and playable as the Harvest Moon titles, only with a few added RPG elements that add another layer of depth and fun to the already good gameplay.

The variety of tasks has been increased and all of them have been well designed and balanced from the gameplay point of view to make playing Rune Factory even more fun, engaging and satisfying.

That said, playing Rune Factory is a bit of a grind after you’ve been playing it for a while, so you need to use your imagination to keep your interest and energy up.

Verdict (3 out of 5)

The latest in the Rune Factory series Frontier, allows you to choose how you want to live your in-game life and make all your own choices, which adds an element of control to the gameplay that you don’t always have with other titles. Even though Rune Factory can occasionally drag, there are so many things to do that if you use your imagination and creativity, you shouldn’t get bored.


  • Images for this article are from the promo pics of the game provided by the developer, Xseed.