Ninendo Wii Virtual Console Guides: Harvest Moon SNES Guide for Stamina

Ninendo Wii Virtual Console Guides: Harvest Moon SNES Guide for Stamina
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Harvest Moon for the SNES is now available on the Virtual Console for download onto your Wii. Who doesn’t want to play the first farming sim? Well, if you do, you will find this guide handy as the game tells you very little of what to do (like all Harvest Moon games). Follow along and you’ll be improving your ranch in no time!


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Harvest Moon starts with the main character, Jack (you get to change his name if you like), gets a run down old ranch from his parents and two and a half years to make it his own.

You start the game with a standard set of tools:

Hoe - tills one square of land

Axe - chops stumps with 6 blows.

Sickle - cuts 1 weed and 1 square grass per swipe.

Hammer - breaks small rocks with 1 blow and large rocks with 6 blows.

You will be prompted to go to the town and look around. Do so.

Talk to the lady who runs the seed shop and buy a packet of seeds. She will give you a watering can which waters one square of land.

Go to the livestock shop and the man will give you grass seed.

After you talk to everyone in the town, you will be forced to go home and go to sleep. The next morning, you will get a dog from Ellen (a girl in town) and your farming experience will begin.

At your house you have a bed and a diary. You write in your diary to save. Do so everyday so you can go back if you miss something.

You also have a TV. Watching the TV will tell you the weather for the following day. Watch TV everyday!


Jack has a certain amount of stamina that is not shown to the player. If he runs out he will not be able to work any longer. All the work he does with tools uses up stamina. Picking weeds does not use stamina. In order to increase stamina throughout the day, visit the hot spring on the mountain and jump in (6 times will restore all his stamina), or eat fish. In order to increase his amount of stamina permanently, you must collect power berries throughout the game.


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In order to farm you need seeds, your hoe, a watering can, and with grass, the sickle.

Go to the seed shop to buy seeds. The ones that are available are:


Grows in spring and summer. It is used as feed for your animals.

Costs: 500G

Sells for: Cannot sell.

Grows: 9 days

Grass does not need to be watered and re-grows all throughout spring and summer. It does not grow in the fall, but you can still harvest it.



Costs: 200G

Sells for: 80G

Grows: 6 days

Does not re-grow


Costs: 200 G

Sells for: 60G

Grows: 4 days

Does not re-grow

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Costs: 300G

Sells for: 100G

Grows: 7 days

Re-grows every 3 days when watered daily.


Costs: 300G

Sells for: 120G

Grows: 11 days

Re-grows every 3 days when watered daily.

In order to farm you need to first till your land with your hoe. When you throw the seeds they will land in a 3x3 square, but once they start growing you will not be able to water the plant in the middle. It is best to till the ground into a C shape like this:




That way you can always water all of your plants and either plant more (in the case of potatoes and turnips) or have them re-grow.

Plants need to be watered everyday or they will not grow for that day. You need to fill up your watering can after watering 12 squares of land. There are many springs around your ranch in which to do this.


Grow as much grass as you can afford and cut it as soon as it is dark green. You will need all the grass you can harvest before winter, if you want to care for animals!


You can have four types of animals in Harvest Moon for the SNES. Two of them you have to buy, but you will get two of them for free at certain points in the game.


Cost: Free

Ellen gives you the dog on the second day of the game, and you can name him. Your dog does not need to be feed. It will scare moles and keep wild dogs away from your fences if you leave him outside at night. Bring him in on snowy and rainy nights and durning storms.

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Cost: Free

You find the horse on the first day of winter when you leave your ranch. You can name him. You don’t have to feed the horse, and when it grows up you can either buy a saddle bag or Ann’s father will give it to you (if you are married to her). The saddle bag allows you to put items in it to sell (like the shipping box).

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Cost: 1000G per chicken

Profit: 50 G per Egg (chickens lay 1 egg a day)

You can buy a chicken at the animal shop. You have to feed each chicken one piece of feed a day (put it in the bin), or leave them outside to feed on the grass themselves. However, put them back in the barn on rainy or snowy days and nights or they won’t lay eggs for a few days. Also, if you forget to feed them they will not lay eggs for 3 days. You can get more chickens by putting an egg in the incubator (provided with your chicken coop), and in a week you will have a new chick.

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Cost: 5000G

Profit: 150G per small milk, 250G per medium milk, 350G per large milk.

You can buy a cow at the animal shop. Feed each cow one piece of feed per day. Either put it in the bins or allow your cows to graze outside on days when it is sunny (be sure to fence off the pasture for them! They don’t like broken fences!). Once your cow is grown it will give you one small milk each day. You can brush and talk to your cow, both of which will make it love you more and results in better milk.

Cows can give birth if you buy a cow miracle potion. They will have a calf in 30 days.

If you leave your cows outside in the rain or snow they will be angry and may get sick. Take them into the barn on days and nights like that. If your cow does get sick you will have to buy medicine for them.

If you do not have enough feed you can buy feed from the animal shop, but it is very expensive so growing a lot of grass is recommended.

Courtship and Marriage

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There are 5 available girls in Harvest Moon SNES. In order to court them you must bring them presents, talk to them regularly, and dance with them at festivals. The girls you can marry are:


Lives: Tool Shop

Schedule: Monday through Friday she’s in the tool shop. Saturday she is standing outside the tool shop. Sunday she is in the back row of pews at church.


Lives: Bar

Schedule: Monday through Friday she’s in the town square. Saturday she is on the mountain. Sunday she is at the spa/hot springs.


Lives: Seed Shop

Schedule: Monday through Friday she’s outside the seed shop. Saturday and Sunday she is on the mountain.


Lives: Restaurant

Schedule: Monday through Saturday she’s outside the animal shop. Sunday she is in the church.


Lives: Mayor’s Mansion

Schedule: Monday through Friday she’s outside of the church. Saturday and Sunday she is in the church.

Do not bring any of the girls weeds or mushrooms as gifts. All of them like flowers, so that is the safest gift.

In order to see how much a girl likes you, go to her home and read her diary. The number of hearts correspond to how much she likes you. Once a girl has 5 hearts, you will be able to buy a blue feather from the peddler in the front of the town and propose marriage to the girl. However, first your house must be upgraded to the Deluxe Log Cabin.

Once married, if your house is upgraded to the Super Deluxe Log Cabin you can have a child within two seasons.


Throughout Harvest Moon, certain events will take place that allow you to upgrade your tools. All of these events happen naturally, although a few of them require you to do something.

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Tool upgrades

Golden Sickle: In late spring there will be a crash in the early morning. If you go onto your land and check it out a tree will have broken open. Go inside and sprites will upgrade your sickle to the golden sickle which can cut a 3x3 section of grass in one swing.

Sprinkler: Ann will invent it in the middle of summer. It waters 3x3 section of land and does not have to be refilled. Buy it from the tool shop.

Golden Axe: After the earthquake, throw your axe in the Goddess pond. She will show you the golden axe and ask if it is yours. Say ‘no’ and she will give it to you.

Golden Hoe: In the Fall, a starving sprite will ask you to get him some food. Bring him a mushroom from the mountain and he will give you the golden hoe the next day. It can till 6 pieces of land in a row.

Golden Hammer: A carpenter will ask to borrow your hammer. Let him and he will give you the golden hammer in return.

House upgrades

Deluxe Log Cabin

Cost: 250 pieces of wood, 5000G

3 days to complete. Ask the carpenter in the tree house to upgrade your house and this is what you get. Also, you will have a free clock as a gift so you can tell what time it is. You need this upgrade to be able to marry.

Super Deluxe Log Cabin

Cost 500 pieces of wood, 10000G

4 days to complete. Ask the carpenter to upgrade your house again and this is what you will get. It is the largest house you can have. You need this upgrade to be able to have children.


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If you leave your dog outside at night no fences will break, as long as it isn’t raining or snowing.

Each time you hit a milestone in the game, a flower will bloom in the secret garden.

If you buy a second cow, you will get a blue jewel that heals cow sicknesses for free.

There are two Power Berries hidden on your land. You have to dig them up with the hoe, but their placement is random.

Chop the stump to the right of the Goddess pond and jump into the hole to get a Power Berry.

If you marry Ann, Ann’s father will marry Nina’s mother (seed shop woman), and he will give you the saddlebag for free.

Poisonous mushrooms are worth more than regular mushrooms. They are worth 200G!

Summer fruit (near the hot springs) is worth 300G!


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Overall, Harvest Moon games should be played how you want to play them. Harvest Moon SNES for the Virtual Console is no different. However, if you want to make a lot of money early in the game, do this:

Do not worry about watering your plants in the morning. Go to the mountain and pick as many wild grapes (they only grow in spring) as you can and put them in the shipping box. You may be able to ship 3 a day. Water your plants after 6 p.m., as the time doesn’t really matter.

In the summer, sell the summer fruit from the mountain.

In fall, sell the poisonous mushrooms. You should be able to sell 3 a day for a total of 600G.

Chop all the stumps on your land. If you need extra wood, chop stumps on the mountain. If you chop stumps every night in the fall you can upgrade your house twice by the first winter!

With more money, you can get a wife, a child and a lot of animals much faster!