iPhone Game Review: Rhythm Spirit Review

iPhone Game Review: Rhythm Spirit Review
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Rhythm Spirit iPhone Game Review - Gameplay

I’m pretty sure that the first time you fire up this game, you’ll find it quite odd and unique in an enjoyable kind of way. The game developer describes Rhythm Spirit as the world’s first rhythm-fighting game. But actually it’s not only fighting and rhythm but also a dash of a side-scrolling adventure game, especially during the first level.

Ok, we keep on saying that Rhythm Spirit is a rhythm-fighting game - so how do you really play it? The basic gameplay is similar to the the Tap Tap series and other rhythm games. You control the main character named Toshi who is a wandering swordsman, by tapping on the musical cues at the right time. When playing the game, the top part of the screen will display a rhythm bar. From each end of the bar music cues will move towards the middle of the bar. You must then press the corresponding buttons when they reach the center. The cues represent either Toshi’s weapons or actions he will take such as jump, duck or dash. At first you might find this approach to the game a bit boring but the game soundtrack will keep you entertained until things pick up and the tempo increases. It can get tough, especially when many symbols come in all at once.

The more accurate your timing is when pressing the right music cues at the right time, the higher you game score will be. But take note, for every missed music cue, your character’s health will be depleted until such time that the red life bar is fully erased. Then the game will be over.

Rhythm Spirit iPhone Game Review - Other Features

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The first time you fire up the game, you’ll be given several options on the game’s main menu. You can go straight into the game, view the tutorials, take a look at trophies you’ve earned, and access the online leaderboards, as well as various options for sounds, music and flip screen. The tutorial is composed of tips for the escape and duel, as well as several useful game tips. Although this game is pretty easy to pick up, the game tutorials are definitely worth a look, especially if you are new to rhythm games. These tutorials are definitely very helpful. The game also has three difficulty levels - easy, normal and hard. To play the hard level, you must finish the game in both easy and normal modes.

The game graphics are pretty well done too. No, great is probably the best word to describe them. The colorful backdraft and the fluid motion of the 2D renderings of the characters will have you commending the game developer for coming up with such a solid iPhone game.

Our Verdict

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Our final say on the Rhythm Spirit iPhone game is pretty obvious. We definitely recommend this game especially if you’re tired of games with practically the same gameplay. Rhythm Spirit has simple and yet very unique gameplay that you will easily pick up and enjoy. Graphics, control and sound are commendable as well.

Rhythm Spirit is available from the App Store for only $0.99 and with the enjoyment you'’ll get playing it, the price is definitely all worth it. Here’s the download link for Rhythm Spirit.