iPhone Game Review: Robofix Review

iPhone Game Review: Robofix Review
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Robofix is a nice little game with 100 missions to complete set on 10 different planets. Gameplay is pretty basic - guide a robot through the levels until he collects parts placed at strategic locations. Simple? Not really. Each of the levels in the game is designed with various terrain types including bridges, gaps, wall of fire, death traps and other obstacles that will ensure that the robot will not have a walk in the park.

So how do you guide the robot exactly? All you need to do is tap on the Go button and the robot will walk a given path based on a series of directional buttons given to you at the start of a game. The trick here is that some of these buttons will cause the robot to move in the wrong direction. That’s what you have to find out. And you do find it out, you can tap on that button to change it to the correct direction. Now, here’s another tricky part. As soon as you tap on the Go button you cannot stop the robot from walking until it completes all the button’s directions. Hence you have no way of controlling the robot once you’ve noticed the wrong direction. To correct the button you must restart the level and change the button before hitting the Go button.

Got it? I really do hope so. Don’t worry, reading the instructions may seem confusing but it’s really pretty simple to execute once you’re actually playing the game.

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What else does the game have that you need to know? Nothing much really. The game graphics are pretty decent but not outstanding. The levels on every planet vary when it comes to obstacle placement. The robot is very small and it does not help that the game is a top-down game. You really won’t be able to appreciate the novelty and character of the robot.

With 100 missions to complete, does the game gets a bit boring somewhere along the way? Actually the variety of level challenge is well distributed. There are few instances where you’ll feel that the game is getting pretty repetitive. Even the parts that you need to collect are different from each other, so it adds some element of variety into the game.

And that’s about it for the merits and demerits of this game.

Our Verdict

Robofix is available from the App Store for $0.99. For that amount, you’ll get a nice game that is certainly worth its price. If this game was priced higher I would advise you to skip it because it may not be worth a high price. Thanks to the 100 different missions, this game is well worth the trouble and money you’ll spend on it.

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