iPhone Game Review: Aerolite Brings Back Classic Asteroids Gaming

Limitations of the Past

Classic arcade games were all based on the idea that developers were not able to let you and your character roam free because they were not able to create an expensive and interactive environment. Instead you were allowed to remain stationary, run along a set track, or move around in a set space. Classic games like Asteroid were built on this, and though they weren’t great, they were all we had. Today our technology allows us for the most vibrant environments someone can conceive. Our technology allows for real time three dimensional rendering and worlds so large that people connect to them using the Internet for continual play. With this in mind, why do we want to play Aerolite?

Deja Vu

The game is essentially an Asteroid port with a few awkward controls allowing you to move around. You begin in a descript space ship in the center of the screen with multi-colored disco rocks flying from every direction. On the lower left you have two circular “buttons”, one that lets you rotate clockwise and one that allows for counter clockwise movement. The lower right has buttons to let you go forward, shoot your somewhat limited ammunition, and to turn red, which appears to hurt the disco balls when you run into them. Beyond this you do the same thing level to level, attacking space debris until you feel too bored to move.


The main deterrent to this game is the controls. They are so hard to use that it begins to feel pointless at mastering it. Why are the turn buttons and the acceleration button so separated? This creates an awkward approximation in actions that are never accurate enough to be purposeful. Beyond this there really just isn’t much there. You do have unlimited levels, but without any diversity it really doesn’t matter. You can alter the visual look of the interface, but doing so would make the control even more difficult.

Is it For You?

The game is not totally without fun, and those who have a die hard frenzy for Asteroid type space shooters may have some brief enjoyment with it. For most people there will be no converts, and even the $1.99 price tag will be too much. There is a free download available for those who want to try it out, but don’t expect too much. Three and a half stars out of ten.