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Playing with Penguins on Your iPhone: Crazy Penguin Catapult Review

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Ever think playing with penguins could be so much fun? Check out one of the better iPhone games that mixes a puzzle/adventure format with a large series of possible gameplay modes.

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    Penguin War

    Since GWAR’s first concert appearance the idea of rapid attacking penguins has been a brilliant one. The new application for the iPhone, appropriately named Crazy Penguin Catapult, takes this idea and runs with it. This game proves that there is a perfect balance between simplicity in gameplay and depth of the package.

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    Bombing Campaign

    Penguin Catapult asks you to do two things in each of its levels. The first is to catapult hanging penguins at the perfect moment after they drop down from the ice shelf above. If you do this right then they will shoot out of the available cave, making them available for the following task. Next you have to direct them as they fly through the air to hit the vicious polar bears below. Only the penguins that you successfully made out of the cave will be available, and it is likely that you will also have to destroy ice barriers that will deflect the correct shots.

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    So Much Here

    The game is rich with gorgeous animations that really add to the overall look of the game. Even between levels they give us a comical winter graphic in place of a conventional loading screen. There are multiple levels that you can visit while traveling across a prepared map. This reminds you of games like Super Mario World where each individual area is placed on a larger reference map that you can move around on. This way you can replay levels if you did not receive the score you wanted. This allows for hidden levels and bonus missions to be locked up during the game. The game has thirty levels, a variety of modes including arcade and strategy, and a series of power ups. This means that the game itself becomes more than just a casual distraction if you want it to, but can still be played in stolen moments.

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    Try it Out

    The game itself is only $4.99 and there is also a free version available. Try it out ahead of time, but you will see that the amount of gameplay options will give you hours of quality play time. Eight out of ten stars.