iPhone Game Guide: Tips and Tricks for Spore Origins

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Cell Stage

Spore is an incredible game, and the minds at EA have decided to port a version of the “Cell Stage” of the game to the iPhone - they call it Spore Origins. As such, it was one of the first games to integrate fully interactive accelerometer controls and great graphics. The game is rather fun to play (at least in controlled doses), so we’ve compiled a few recommendations on how to best go about beating the game.

I know it sounds funny, considering that essentially all you do is tilt the iPhone around and around until you finally manage to consume enough creatures to get your bar up to the next evolutionary upgrade, but there are a few strategies that can really help you make it to the end of the game with less frustration. The following three tips are the best ways to effectively make it to the end of the game:

1. Don’t Barrel into Enemies - Plan out how an attack will work

In my time with the game, I’ve found that without proper offensive methods, barreling into enemies in the hopes that food will magically appear is not worth your time. Better yet, just wait for the opportunity to attack, typically luring a predator away from a larger group will give you the necessary edge to defeat him while he’s alone and therefore weak. Use symbiotes and the exploding cells to your advantage. Anger a predator by first hitting him with the symbiote, then lure him towards an exploding cell to finish the job and get a large amount of food. Played correctly, you should be able to take out most bigger predators early on in the game, even without having evolved the offensive mechanisms.

2. You’re Only as Strong as Your Mandibles

As early on in the game as you can, upgrade your offensive mechanisms in order to be more effective at eliminating your prey. Mandibles will come in handy almost every time, and you can worry about defense further on down the line - if you play the game smartly, your defense will come as a natural part of your evasion tactics. However, it’s important to eventually also upgrade defense, so don’t forget to do that. Optimize your creature so that it has several offensive orifices - the more, the merrier. Also, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Who says a creature can only have one mouth?

3. Quickly Run through the Caves

When in-between zones, your DNA progress bar disappears - this is for a reason. During those cave sections in between zones, you won’t evolve if you eat food, so my advice to you is to go through those areas as quickly as possible. Because the food doesn’t matter, just try to wound predators so they don’t come after you. Or better yet, give yourself mandibles on your backside. This way, as you flee, you’ll be wounding the predators coming after you. Successfully make it through the cavern quickly and you will be rewarded by not having a decreased health bar.

Follow these tips and you’ll run the game effectively and have a great time. Once you finish, try out SimCity - it’ll have a bit more longevity than this one.