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Heavy Mach is Metal Slug for the iPhone

by: Arnold Zafra ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Heavy Mach is a literally explosive game for the iPhone. It’s a 2D shooter game that resembles everybody’s all time favorite arcade shooting game Metal Slug. Heavy Mach is undoubtedly one of the best games for the iPhone.

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    Heavy Mach Gameplay

    Heavy Mach Heavy Mach is a feature-rich game with 60 stages. It is composed of six missions which open up as you finished one mission after another. Each mission consists of four to five levels. During the initial stages, the missions would be easy to beat but the difficulty increases as you progress into the game.

    Every mission has a boss enemy waiting for you at the end of the level. These bosses are different from your regular enemy tanks with their high-powered weapons and large sizes. Level missions vary in difficulty and sometime it would take you several tries to complete each of them.

    Along the way, you will encounter several types of enemy tanks which appear on your path for one simple reason - to destroy your tank. The good news is, you are given several weapon upgrades along the way. And mind you, these weapons are high-powered and could destroy your enemies in one shot. Aside from the weapon upgrade, you can also opt to have your tank defense or movement upgraded. You’d also encounter health restore as well as additional shields contained in boxes coming from helicopters that you have destroyed.

    Heavy Mach is a no nonsense simple tank shooting game. And this is all well and good as its simplicity makes it a fun and enjoyable game to play.

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    Heavy Mach Control

    Heavy Mach utilizes both the touch screen features and accelerometer of your iPhone. For shooting at enemies you simply tap your screen on the enemy tanks and helicopters and your tank will automatically shoot at them. On the other hand, you use your iPhone’s accelerometer to move your tank forward or backwards.

    For areas where you need to jump, you need to tap the left and right corner of your screen. Honestly, this may be a fun mechanics however it sort of put the seriousness of the game away. I mean, common. Do the game developers really think that we will believe that a tank can jump from one corner of a cliff to another? But if you don’t mind this “unrealistic” movement, you would definitely love Heavy Mach.

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    Heavy Mach Graphics and Sound

    One aspect wherein Heavy Mach excelled is on the graphics and sound department. The game’s background environment is a 2D back draft rendered rather nicely, thanks to the iPhone’s graphics engine. The tanks are very well detailed as well.

    In terms of sound, Heavy Mach features realistic sound tank fire shots, especially when it hits your enemies. The explosions are certainly top-notch, and even the different sound effects were programmed so well.

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    Our Verdict

    After reading the main part of this article, you can immediately deduce what our final verdict on this game. Well we could describe Heavy Mach as a game in one word – Awesome! So, what are you waiting for? Grab the apps now at the iTunes Store while it’s still on sale at $.99. Regular price of the app used to be $2.99. Heavy Mach is one of the best iPhone games released so far. And it’s a must-have game for your iPhone.

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    Photo credit

    Screenshot of Heavy Mach by IndieAn.