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Siberian Strike iPhone Game Review

by: Arnold Zafra ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

If you're looking for an honest-to-goodness top-down air plane arcade game, look no further as Siberian Strike is the game you're looking for. Great graphics, solid game play, just about enough game challenge and cool sounds make up one of the best arcade shooting game for the iPhone.

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    Siberian Strike Story

    Siberian Strike screenshot While other games give you an outright game play without too much in-depth story, Siberian Strike differs from other iPhone games for its interesting storyline that would keep you interested to play the game if only to find out what happens in the end. The game is set right after WWII. You role is to defeat as much Russian forces as you can until you go up head-to-head with the final boss.

    At the start of the game, you'll be treated with a nice video of the story's background. The video is done to emit the classic old world war films. During the game, there are in-game dialogues between the characters of the game. Specifically, level bosses are introduced through their own witty captioned dialogues. This certainly adds to the fun aspect of the game.

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    Siberian Strike Game Play and Control

    Siberian Strike Siberian Strike is a port of the classic airplane shooting arcade game. So, if you're an arcade gamer you surely won't have a problem playing this game right away. If you have not played the arcade game before, well you're in luck as you are given the chance to play it right on your iPhone.

    As I said, Siberian Strike is a classic top-down airplane shooting game. You have the option to choose which of the three good guys you are going to play. Each of the three good characters pilot different planes with different characteristics, speed and firepower. This gives you two replay ability factors after you've finished playing with one character.

    As for the objective of the game, it's pretty simple - shoot as many enemy aircraft, boats and turrets as you can while collecting medals, power-ups, protective shields and other goodies along the way. The game has 12 levels of varying difficulty and cool level bosses, who are not really that hard to defeat. It also gives you customization options to change the look of the aircraft that the character you are playing uses.

    For game control, Siberian Strike gives you two options - either you use the accelerometer or the touch feature of your iPhone. The touch function allows you to maneuver your airplane swiftly on the game screen. While the accelerometer may not be a good option at all since tilting the iPhone to maneuver your airplane away from enemy fire would be rather slow.

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    Siberian Strike Graphics and Sound

    This is the area where the game shines the most. Siberian Strike features a colorful and inviting to look at the game environment. Each of the levels game environments are different from each other and include obstacles along the way. The aircraft were rendered beautifully in 3D graphics. The game physics flows through seamlessly. The same is true with the game's sound. Music background is great and adds to the excitement of the game. The sound effects are equally impressive as well and gives you a real feeling of the playing the game in the arcade.

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    Our Verdict

    What can I say? Siberian Strike is definitely a solid iPhone airplane arcade game. It will only set you back for $.99. And for that price you get a fun, entertaining and exciting game that you can repeatedly play from time to time. Siberian Strike is definitely a must-have iPhone game, especially if you're a fan of the classic arcade game.

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    Screenshots of Siberian Strike by Gameloft.