Agency Wars: Adding Contacts

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Agency Wars Friends

Agency Wars is one of the most complex text based iPhone RPG available through the App Store. Compared to games like iMob Online and World War, Agency Wars looks like chemical synthesis using proton particles. The friend system for Agency Wars also takes this complex approach. There are a number of ways to add and block people in your account.

Contacts and Agency Wars Facebook

If you want to begin adding people, load up the main Agency Wars display and then look to the right hand option bar. This is where you have options for Missions, Hits, Assets, HQ, and Contacts, which you should select. This brings up a whole Contacts menu for your Agency Wars account, which holds a number of different contact options. The first is to Invite Contacts. When you select Invite Contacts you are taken to another menu that gives you a whole host of different options to take from different contact methods. The top one is through Facebook, which Agency Wars connects with consistently. When you hit Notify Facebook Friends you can connect and send invitations to your Facebook friends. You have to already have synced your Agency Wars account with your Facebook account.

Email and iPhone GPS

Below the Notify Facebook Friends option is the Invite By Email one. When you select this button you will be taken to a text box where you can enter a friend’s email address and send a request that way. You can also link to your Contact List and select contacts that have an email address attached. Below the email option is the Invite By Location, which then does a quick GPS search through the iPhone of your current location. Then all the Agency Wars players in your area will come up, and you can send invitations to them one at a time.

Agency Wars Friend Codes

The last option in the Invite Contacts list is the most viable. This button is the Add By ID button and lets you send invitations by the Agency Wars player’s Friend Code. Your Friend Code is listed under My Code in the general Contacts menu directly below Confirmed Contacts. Using Friend Codes is often the easiest way to add large numbers of people in Agency Wars because you can post yours online and find others the same way. My Friend Code is 109133, and feel free to post your Agency Wars Friend Code as a comment below. Try searching online for Agency Wars Friend Codes, especially on web boards threads dedicated to Agency Wars.

Pending, Confirmed, and Ignored Contacts

If you want to see the invitations you sent out to Agency Wars players but have not seen a response to yet you can just select Pending Contacts, which is directly below Invite Contacts in the general Contacts menu. This is the location where you can accept friend requests from other Agency Wars players, including those sent to you using the Friend Code system. Directly below this is Confirmed Contacts, which is where you look to see everyone who has accepted your invitation and is now a permanent Agency Wars contact. Lower on the list, directly above Messages, is the Ignored List. Here is where you can enter an agent’s code name and have tem permanently ignored so you will not have to receive their invitations.

Learning the Agency

Getting used to the Agency Wars friend system will take a while. There is even a message system in the Contacts menu so that you can send messages to other agents. You should try this out once you begin employing your Friend Code and add huge numbers to Agency Wars.