iPhone Game Review: Terminator: Salvation iPhone Game Review

iPhone Game Review: Terminator: Salvation iPhone Game Review
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Terminator: Salvation - The Good (4 out of 5)

Granting that the iPhone is not really a full pledge gaming console, Gameloft, the game developer still managed to put out a great game. Terminator: Salvation features eight game levels set in post apocalyptic Los Angeles, particularly in 2018. The game features 11 different enemies including T-600 skeletons, the harvester, hunter-killers and other awesome looking and fierce robots put out by Skynet. To fight these enemies you are given the chance to use six different weapons including an awesome grenade launcher, surge cannon, shot gun, electric pulse rifle and more.

Shooting down robots and machines is not all that you can do to finish the game. There are also other tasks that you need to complete to proceed with the game. For instance, you need to hack computer terminals, roll a marble towards a certain goal, and avoid traps and landmines.

The level of suspense and excitement especially in tight situations where there too many enemies are just about enough to keep you playing the game straight out until the end. Don’t worry, as it won’t really take you that long. It took me less than two hours to finish the game and be able to play as the Terminator for an added fun.

The game’s animation is very fluid despite some minor slow down in the middle of the game. But, this is barely noticeable. The enemy movements are fluid and seamless and the human characters move flawlessly as well.

One notable feature of the game is the ability of your character to take cover using the edge of a wall. You can do this either standing or sitting. This is a very important control aspect and will actually help you survive the rampage of enemy robots and machines.

Terminator: Salvation - The Not So Good (4 out of 5)

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Graphically, Terminator: Salvation may not be the best looking iPhone game. The storyline and timeline actually call for a not so beautiful L.A anyway. So, why look for a beautiful game environment. Character details were not great but not bad either. But, this should not be blamed to the game developer but rather on the ability of the iPhone to render details especially when it comes to representing a human form.

The game gives you several control options. Moving John Connor or the other characters in the game makes use of a virtual directional keypad. To fire your weapons you simply tap on the corresponding weapon icon located at the right corner of the iPhone screen. The control may not be perfect but it is certainly good. The only problem I encountered while playing the game was the difficulty of auto-aiming. Sometimes, you need to really point your gun towards the enemy before you can hit them with your shots.

Another control option in the game makes use of the touch screen feature of the iPhone. You can swipe on/off your iPhone’s screen to change the directional perspective of your character. It’s a pretty cool character movement although the game engine still suffers from some minor difficulty in carrying it out.

Our Verdict (3 out of 5)

Terminator: Salvation is available at the iTunes App Store for $4.99. That may be a higher price than the usual $0.99 price of iPhone games. Still, the price is worth the fun and excitement that you’ll get from playing this game on you iPhone. If, after reading this review you are still a bit hesitant to purchase this game, you might want to try installing the Lite version first to give you a preview of how good this game is.

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