iPhone Game Review: Towerbloxx Deluxe 3D iPhone Game Review

iPhone Game Review: Towerbloxx Deluxe 3D iPhone Game Review
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Towebloxx Deluxe 3D - Gameplay (4 out of 5)

[inlineImage|left|6750F430134433B19055B2F4D4DAFD2BFFE78818|IMG 0192[1]|]Towerbloxx Deluxe 3D will remind you of the popular game Topple. Both games share the same objective - stacking up piles of boxes as high as possible to form a tower. But in Towerbloxx’s case, you stack up buildings instead of just ordinary box. Unlike Topple though, Towerbloxx has added some more game features to make it even more richer game.

First among these features are the four options that the game gives you - Build City, Quick Game, Party Game and Time Attack Mode. Build City mode is the game’s strategy aspect wherein you will need to build a cluster of different types of buildings on a map. To place buildings on the different spots in the map, you need to build them first by stacking them up in the usual game mode. Once you’ve stacked-up several buildings and finally put a tower on top, you can then place it on the grid map. There are three types of buildings that you can place on the map - red, green and blue. Each of these buildings will have their proper spots on the map and you can place them only on their respective spots. Once you’ve filled up all the spots in the map, you’d know that you’re successful if you have placed buildings with enough people populating it. When the buildings you’ve placed don’t have enough number of population, you will have to re-build some buildings to gain the required number of population. So, you must make sure than you’ve stacked up buildings properly to gain more people to populate the buildings.

Quick Game mode is a rather simple game wherein you need to stack-up buildings as high as possible to build the tallest tower before you drop three buildings. In the Party Game mode, you can challenge a friend to a race in building a tower first. And finally there’s the Time Attack mode wherein you need to build a tower of specific height before the time expires.

Towerbloxx Deluxe 3D - Graphics and Sounds (4 out of 5)

I couldn’t say anything bad about the game graphics. It’s definitely top-notch. The fun and colorful game environment is very enticing and enough reason for you to play the game. Mature iPhone gamers might find the game’s graphics rather a bit on the kiddies' side, but those who don’t mind this at all will enjoy the game’s fun and cutesy theme. The game animation runs fluidly and you won’t experience any slowing down while playing the game.

The game’s music and sound effects are equally great as well. It contributes to establishing a not so serious and yet entertaining overall game atmosphere.

Our Verdict (4 out of 5)

Towerbloxx Deluxe 3D is a great iPhone game that you will enjoy if you are a casual gamer looking for an easy-to-pick up puzzle/stack-up game. It’s currently on sale for $0.99 at the iTunes Apps Store, so if you’ve been eyeing this game when it was released sometime in February but had to hold back from getting it due to the introductory price of $4.99, here’s your chance to finally get it.

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