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Using PlayMesh Points in Wizards

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is a guide to where and how to use PlayMesh Points in Wizards for the iPhone.

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    Wizards Cheaters

    The PlayMesh Point feature will continue to be the common thread between PlayMesh MMO text based iPhone RPGs that they make, as well as the internal friend system. These PlayMesh Points are a way for you to pay to cheat in the game of choice. Here you purchase your PlayMesh Points and then spend them on different elements within the game. Wizards, the new PlayMesh MMO free iPhone game, utilizes these PlayMesh Points the same as the rest. Here is a guide to purchasing, using, and getting free PlayMesh Points.

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    Download PlayMesh Points

    When you open up Wizards go to the vertical view and find High Mage, which is highlighted and positioned right below Properties. If you are looking to purchase PlayMesh Points for use in Wizards go to the bottom of the High Mage screen and select PlayMesh Deals. Here you will see a series of Wizards PlayMesh Points packages that you can buy for specific dollar amounts, as well as some PlayMesh Points packages for other PlayMesh games. When you select one you will be linked to the PlayMesh Points package location in the App Store. Here you can then go through the normal purchase and download process for getting the PlayMesh Points. Once the Wizards PlayMesh Points are downloaded onto your iPhone you can just open it, which will then open Wizards. Once it opens the PlayMesh Points will be added to your Wizards account.

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    Using PlayMesh Points

    To spend the PlayMesh Points in Wizards go back to the High Mage, and once you are in there hit the High Mage Offers button at the bottom. Here will have your current number of PlayMesh Points at the very top of the High Mage Offers screen. Below will be different things you can buy for different PlayMesh Points amounts. You should be very specific when using these PlayMesh Points in Wizards, where your main focus should be on purchasing party members. If you are far ahead in party members then you should spend your Wizards PlayMesh Points on money, but wait until you are later in Wizards.

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    Free PlayMesh Points

    PlayMesh will periodically offer free PlayMesh Points. You can usually get free PlayMesh Points when you first download a PlayMesh game or when a PlayMesh update occurs. Make sure to keep your eye out at the app store for a Wizards update or a package of free PlayMesh Points for Wizards.