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Epic Soldier Wars Merit Marks Guides

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is a guide for how to buy, spend, and get Merit Marks in Epic Soldier Wars for free.

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    Epic Solider Wars Point System

    Merit Marks are the pay point system that is put in place for Epic Soldier Wars. Just like PlayMesh Points in all PlayMesh titles, respect points in iMob Online, or honor points in Jet Fighters. These Merit Marks are purchased in Epic Soldier Wars using real money then used to buy things within the game that would normally simply require you to wait for extensive period of time. Merit Marks are then meant to speed up your progress, often putting your much farther on your given level than other Epic Soldier Wars players. Here is a guide to every part of the Merit Marks system in Epic Soldier Wars.

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    Buying Ultimate Packages

    When you open up Epic Solder Wars look to the bottom task bar and find Warlord, which is in-between Combat and World. Select Warlord and you will be taken to the area where you can buy and use Merit Marks. At the very top of the Warlord display it will list how many Merit Marks you have in your Epic Soldier Wars account. Directly below this will be a button that says Tap to Unlock Factions / Get Merit. When you select this you will be given a series of packages that are called Ultimate Packs for Epic Soldier Wars. These, depending on the price set, give you a variable number of Merit Marks and also allow you to play as all six factions. Below the Ultimate Packs will be other packs that will unlock a specific faction, such as Viking or Amazon, and then give you some Merit Marks. When you select one of these they will work similar to other point packages. It will take you to the App Store where you treat the Epic Pet Wars Merit Marks package similar to any other pay iPhone application. You have to log in to your iTunes account, set to buy the Merit Marks package, and then it will begin downloading to your iPhone. Once it is on your iPhone desktop you simply open it and it will open up your Epic Solider Wars account with the Merit Marks in place.

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    Buying Merit Marks Directly

    Directly below the Tap to Unlock Factions / Get Merit button will be one that says Link to for More Merit. When you select this button you will be taken to with Safari on your iPhone. Here you can create an account for for promotional offers as listed. Once you create a username and password you will hit the Link Account button. Once it has successfully done this it will give you an indicative screen and there will be a button that says Get Merit Marks. This will take you to a place where you can buy Epic Soldier Wars Merit Marks directly from the developer. This way you can buy Epic Soldier Wars Merit Marks with your credit card, PayPal, boku, Social Gold, prepaid cash cards, and other methods.

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    Spending Merit Marks

    Once you actually have some Epic Soldier Wars Merit Marks you will go below these two top purchase buttons to spend them. Under the banner “The Warlord Offers You…” will be different options for spending your Merit Marks. These include exchanging your Merit Marks for certain amounts of G for your soldier, giving you refreshes of things like Vigor and Health, and different items. Usually it is best to avoid refreshes as they are not the best use of Merit Marks.

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    Free Merit Marks

    Epic Soldier Wars is relatively new so there are no updates available quite yet. If other games are similar then you can expect Epic Soldier Wars updates as well as free Merit Marks packages available soon. The likelihood is that they will release free Merit Marks for Epic Soldier Wars soon to keep people playing and entice them back. Epic Pet Wars did this, and it is more than likely to expect that Epic Soldier Wars will do the same with free Merit Marks. Unfortunately, Epic Soldier Wars does not start you out with any free Merit Marks, but this is not conclusive evidence of what is to come. Check news and updates in Epic Soldier Wars to be aware of any time free Merit Marks are released.