Rope'n'Fly - An Addictive Spiderman-like Application

Rope'n'Fly - An Addictive Spiderman-like Application
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Rope’n’Fly by Robert Szeleny is one of those applications you keep on your iPhone just for those times when you’re bored and want to kill some time. It isn’t made for long playtime due to the lack of variation, but it doesn’t get boring since you are always competing for a highscore. For some this may be the application they have been searching for because of the Spiderman like feel. Others might get frustrated and never play it again. This is a type of game that you either hate or love. I personally like this style of gameplay making this a must have. Read on to see what makes this game worth the price.

Graphics (4 out of 5)

At the time of this review, the game only includes one background. The background features plain gray buildings along a blue sky and the occasional cloud. This can be a good thing since a background with a lot going on can easily distract you from the real task at hand. It would be nice however to see a few more choices that might suit your style. Along with the background buildings are the actual buildings you must swing on. They are organized based on their size by color. This makes it convenient when speeding through since you can immediately plan what to do next without seeing the whole building. I would also like a choice of different colors added later on in an update. Right now the colors are pretty bland, making it not very appealing.

The last thing that is shown is the character model itself. you can choose a combination of colors and also mix and match upper and lower part colors. If you want, you can go for the classic Spiderman look with black and red, or maybe a full on black figure. I also did not notice any graphical issues with any of the color combos making it easy to fly through the buildings with the high frames per second.

The game is pretty simple on graphics, which suits the style of a short play game like this. It has a cartoony feel that matches the ragdoll “spiderman”, but I hope later on there will be more customization options.


Gameplay (5 out of 5)

What makes this game great is the pick up and play value. When you start playing, you get the hang of the controls fairly easily. The way the game is shaped also allows for tricks and skills that can only be learned after playing the game for awhile.

The basic control mechanic revolves around touching the screen at the right time. Right as you start the game, you are falling and you must quickly shoot a string/rope by touching the screen. Where you click is where you shoot your string. That means that if you miss a building with your finger, you are basically dead. After the first rope, you can click the screen again to release the rope and depending on the amount of momentum you gathered, you will go a certain distance. Since there are three types of buildings of different heights, it challenges you to think on your feet and react quickly to the new buildings showing. Lastly, once you hit the ground with any part of your body, the game stops and the “building blocks” of your body go flying everywhere. This can be difficult for some people because if just a small portion of their foot touches the ground, they die making it frustrating when aiming for a highscore.

The figure that you are controlling is based on a ragdoll engine where each rope swing will affect its body. One design quirk (or maybe it was there on purpose) is the fact that if you don’t let go of your rope and you swing backwards, an invisible force will stop you from going be hind the building you are attached to. This can be helpful or detrimental depending on your playstyle. If you are looking to swing back and try again, you are out of luck. This “invisible force” pushes you forward offering you some closing distance to the next building. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for every building as some are just too far for you too reach.

There are two game modes that revolve around this game mechanic. There is free mode which just lets you swing around the buildings with no timer. Once you hit the ground, the game stops and you are offered with the options to either submit your highscore, go back to the menu, and play again. For those of you who want more of challenge, you are offered with Speed Mode. This mode puts you against a 30 second clock which forces you to react even faster and take more risks. Since all of the highscores are measured in the amount of distance you go, if you are about to run out of time you can swing yourself as fast as you can.


Rope’n’Fly is another application in the top 100 paid applications that is a must have for those who enjoy these addictive one trick pony games. It can be a boredom reliever for some or maybe a chance to compete with friends over highscores. I suggest that you check out the lite version, and if you do, you can buy the application here.