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Match 3D iPhone Game Review

by: Arnold Zafra ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Match 3D Flick Puzzle is a simple, yet splendidly designed iPhone game in the likes of other puzzle matching games. This game takes the puzzle matching game genre to the next level with its great graphics and animation. You'll definitely have sleepless nights once you start playing this game.

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    Match 3D Game play

    Match 3D The objective of the game is simple - destroy as many blocks as you can by matching three or more blocks with similar patterns. The more blocks you destroy, the higher your score will be. To form three or more matching blocks you take control of a supercube consisting of 512 blocks arranged into a 3D cube. To match adjacent blocks, you simply tap onto the block that you want to move to complete your match. When blocks are destroyed, new blocks will fall downward to replace their positions.

    When destroying the blocks, sometimes you'll trigger a chain reaction wherein blocks that fall downward will immediately match with adjacent blocks forming a combination of blocks with similar patterns. As you progress through the game, you'll soon notice that there will be fewer matches that you can arrange since the cube already has so many gaps. In fact, you might even find yourself stuck and no matter what you do, you can't seem to find matching blocks.

    Fortunately, the game has some bonuses that provide special moves that you can use to destroy a block, change a block, highlight all matches, swap blocks, change any block to a random normal block, randomly change the location of every block in the game and even destroy all blocks of a single type.

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    Match 3D Features

    Now, here is where Match 3D Flick Puzzle iPhone game really excels. The game features two modes - Classic and Survival. In Classic game mode, destroyed blocks are replaced with new blocks and you progress from level to level by continuously destroying matching blocks.

    In Survival game mode, blocks are removed not replaced hence leaving the supercube with so many gaps which makes matching the blocks harder. You score points by removing all possible matches on the board. Under the Classic Mode you can also select un-timed or timed games. The objective of course is to score as much points as you can before time expires. You can also select the option with locked or unlocked blocks. Under the Survival game mode you can choose to play with Timed or no locked block options. The Timed-Survival Game mode is the game's most difficulty and most challenging option for the game. In fact, I haven't passed through level 1 yet after several hours of playing it.

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    Match 3D - Graphics, Sounds and Control

    Graphics-wise, I can only praise the game developer for fully optimizing the iPhone's graphics engine. The game is beautifully rendered. The animation is flawless and just watching the supercube spin, expands and rotate is simply an awesome experience. The game's graphics is very well complimented by a catchy and upbeat game sound that even adds to fun factor of the game.

    As for the game's control, well what can I say the game utilizes both the iPhone's accelerometer and touch screen features. You can flick the supercube, pinch it to zoom in and zoom out, and of course shake your iPhone to change the supercube's orientation.

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    Our Verdict

    You might have guessed by now that we really like Match 3D Flick Puzzle game for the iPhone. It's currently available at the iTunes Apps Store for $3.99 but a late version is also available to let you try the game first before buying it. But if I were you, I won't have second thoughts in purchasing the paid version. The game is well worth the price you have to pay for it, especially if you're a fan of this type of game. Match 3D Flick Puzzle Game takes the puzzle-matching type of game into one step higher and you should experience it.

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    Screenshots of Match 3D by Playscreen.