A Review of Sheep Launcher Free! - A Hilarious Free iPhone Game

A Review of Sheep Launcher Free! - A Hilarious Free iPhone Game
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Sheep Launcher Free! for the iPhone is nothing complicated. Your one single goal is to keep a sheep in flight without letting him fall to the ground. In the process, you can obtain a few power ups as well as stars to rack up points.

You begin the game by simply clicking the launch button. Once you do this, the fun and hilarity begins. As your sheep goes soaring into the air, you will have him gather stars for points. You are graded on things like total stars, total clicks and height.

The controls for Sheep Launcher Free! are quite simple. Once the sheep is in flight, you simply tap him one time to bounce him back up. This may sound like an easy strategy, but it gains more and more difficulty.

As the sheep is sent flying through the air, he will leave the screen. He then will return quickly as he falls. This means your reactions must be quick. You only get one chance at tapping him or else he’ll fall. Along the way, there are a few powerups you can grab to help you gain points. One is a pillow that will give you one free tap. It will basically bounce the sheep up automatically. There is also a helium tank. This causes your sheep to turn into a balloon and fall much slower.

The graphics and sound in the game are simple, but they add to the enjoyment of the game. As you go higher up, the sky will begin to change colors as if you are heading into space. You even start to see an earth backdrop that makes it appear as if you are unbelievably high. The animations are all very cartoony and bright. It makes for a fun game to look at. The sound is also funny as you will hear the sheep yell to a nice classical piece of music. With all these aspects mixed together, it makes for one of the more funny games on the iPhone.

After your sheep has fallen, you are given the choice to play again or you can post your high scores. There is also an option to view the current high scores so you know what to shoot for.

One of the best trends on the iPhone is the simplicity of games that seem to gain the most popularity. Sheep Launcher Free! couldn’t fall into this category any more if it wanted to. There are no complicated tilts or shakes. You simply just tap your finger on the sheep as he falls to send him flying back up.

Sheep Launcher Free! is a fun and addicting game. It will have you trying to beat all of your high scores over and over again. It is a very solid title, and the free price tag makes it an obvious choice for iPhone owners. It is an all ages game, and is strictly a pickup and play game without any difficulties. Sheep Launcher Free! can be downloaded for free from the iTunes application store. If you want more, you can also download Sheep Launcher Plus! for a dollar or two extra.

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