Alive 4-Ever iPhone Game Review - Zombie Fans Need This On Their iPhone

Alive 4-Ever iPhone Game Review - Zombie Fans Need This On Their iPhone
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(5 out of 5)

Throughout the decades in films and games, there is one genre that never seems to go stale, the zombie flick. It has graced its rotting head all throughout Hollywood and in recent games such as Left 4 Dead. The iPhone is the next thing to be invaded by Zombies in this awesome shooter for the iPhone called Alive 4-Ever.

Alive 4-Ever is your typical zombie shooter game. You choose your character and your main objective starting out, is to just annihilate as many zombies as you possibly can.

You begin the game by choosing one of four different characters. You have Wallace Millner, Steve Carter, Taza Thorpe and Anna Lennox. Each character has their own special strengths and weapons they start out with. You also have the ability to unlock a variety of upgrades as you make your way throughout the game. You can choose from abilities, where you can gain more points towards maximum HP, bullets and critical hit rates.

Everybody knows you do not have a quality zombie game without a slew of weapons. Alive 4-Ever delivers with a variety of shotguns, machine guns and pistols. Each gun has its own attributes and advantages. You can unlock these by earning money throughout the game.

The game itself is very well done and has a great soundtrack to it. The menu music alone sets off a very eerie vibe with violin shrieks and deep piano tones. The point of the game is to basically go and kill the zombies as they come towards you. The more you kill, the higher score you will receive. You just have to stay alive for the most part. This starts off simple, but soon there are more objectives thrown in. You will find yourself some times having to keep survivors alive, so you aren’t just looking out for zombies coming towards you, but also towards the other person.

The graphics and controls in Alive 4-Ever are well done. You have your gun on the right of the screen and your directional pad on the left. The environments are very dark and zombies come flying in from all directions. The gunshots, especially the shotgun all sound pretty awesome. There may be times when the controls become a little goofy as more and more zombies surround you, but it almost makes the game better in way. You become more intense as you see more and more zombies heading in your direction.

A cool part of the game is the wi-fi multiplayer mode. You can get you and your buddy to play via Bluetooth in the same missions. It’s a blast and really makes for an exciting time.

Alive 4-Ever is probably one of my favorite games I have downloaded for the iPhone. A lot of thought was put into this one and it shows. Meridian Digital, the creators of the game, did a great job capturing the intensity and darkness of the zombie genre.

Alive 4-Ever is an amazing zombie shooter game for the iPhone. It runs for about a dollar in the iTunes application store, but that is a great price considering you get about 30 different missions. Shooter and zombie fans alike will eat this one up, and they hopefully will be playing it for quite some time. Check it out, but be warned it is gory.

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