Paper Covers Rock: Roshambo Online Review

Face to Face

For many people, Roshambo Online is actually the name of a classic game of ironic manliness where genital kicking is used to replace some other show of strength. To others Roshambo Online is actually the proper name for Rock, Paper, Scissors, which should now clear up some confusion.

PlayMesh, which until now had been known mainly for their free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs and selling us expensive PlayMesh Points, has released a new port of Roshambo Online to be played in real time online from your iPhone. The title is moderately, if not incredibly, successful at completing this model, though it some glitches and wait times end up holding it back from Biblical greatness.

Inside PlayMesh’s Roshambo Online

PlayMesh’s Roshambo Online runs on a fairly simple platform. You start with the Lobby, where other Roshambo Online players talk to each other in a familiar PlayMesh forum. This PlayMesh forum is modeled after what you see in games like iMafia and iPirates, as well as the PlayMesh forums in the PlayMesh self titled iPhone application.

At the top of the PlayMesh forum Lobby area is a button that reads Play Roshambo Online. When you hit this, it will connect to the server and when a game is found, it will turn green and you can press it to enter a game.

There are two versions of PlayMesh’s Roshambo Online: one that is free and one that charges $0.99. If you have the free version of PlayMesh’s Roshambo Online then you will have an add first, and when you tap the touch screen you will be asked if you want to skip the ad or find out more. Once you skip the ad you will be taken to a match, and it will start at break neck pace.

You will have an icon for a rock, a piece of paper, and a pair of scissors. You select one of them within a short time period and then the two will be matched. This match awards on a best three out five and can be very competitive. This is all complete with animated graphics and display that keep things colorful and interesting.

Next to the Lobby button is one for your My Info page that lists your account info and statistics, including how many points you need to level up. Beyond these two main areas you also have settings in PlayMesh’s Roshambo Online that you can use to turn off the sounds, which is nice. There is also a way to sign in to your PlayMesh account, providing that you are using the PlayMesh iPhone application.

Problems with Roshambo Online

Usually PlayMesh’s Roshambo Online works well, but on occasion, it will not read your selection in the midst of battle. There are also moments when you have to wait a little longer than you should and games occasionally are deemed invalid and are dropped. The only issues after these really come with the concept of playing Roshambo independent of your competitor and for the sake of the game on its own.

Roshambo Online Premium

Roshambo Online Premium, which is the paid version, does offer some more features. It does not hold much of a price and is a much better deal than buying PlayMesh Points in any of their other games. In this, you will be allowed avatars and there is an interesting landscape mode that allows people to take their iPhone to the horizontal. Like always, it is best to try the free version of Roshambo Online first.

Check It Out Now

Overall, PlayMesh’s Roshambo Online is the best rock, paper, scissor game you are going to find on the iPhone and provides a moderate amount of fun in quick bursts. Rock, paper, scissors itself is not the most challenging of games, especially if you are not in the room with the person, but PlayMesh works to add to the experience and make up for the anonymity. Seven and three quarters out of ten stars.