iBomber : Arcade style bomber game for the iPhone - Review

iBomber : Arcade style bomber game for the iPhone - Review
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iBomber - Arcade Style Bombing

If you are done with all the tower defense games available on the iPhone platform (which actually is impossible considering that there are just gazillions of them!) and looking forward to something of a similar gameplay and fun factor, iBomber should be your next buy.

Ok, to start with iBomber is not a flight sim - sure, it makes use of an aircraft and has some aircraft associated factors in the gameplay but that’s about it. The game revolves around pounding the heck out of ground and sea targets of your enemies, dodging their anti-aircraft guns and just going crazy with world war II style bombs. The game provides a refreshing gameplay diversion for all iPhone gamers and really brings a great experience to the world of iPhone games. No wonder the game is also featured in the upcoming “Best iPhone apps for the discerning downloaders” from O’Reilly.

Gameplay and Interface (4 out of 5)

iBomber provides a very satisfying and entertaining gameplay scenario with intuitive controls. as with other aircraft based games, you don’t have to concentrate too much on the flight in itself. The plane doesn’t crash though you could be shot down by anti-aircraft guns from the targets themselves. The gameplay revolves around the technique of maintaining your airspeed and direction as well as dropping the bombs as the targets come into the crosshairs. The speed and direction of the aircraft is controlled by the motion sensing feature of the iPhone, which means you can control direction by tilting your device left & right and the speed by tilting it up and down. Now, most users are put off by this method of control since there are several apps out there that do a poor job of this feature, but trust me, iBomber is not one of them. Controlling the plane is a smooth and easy affair, you just have to keep your eyes peeled for target coming up and the anti-aircraft guns which can rapidly reduce you health if you fly low and get shot often. There are always health packs and bonus bombs that can be picked up upon successfully destroying a target, which are necessary for survival in this game. The interface that the game provides is very well designed and the graphics is pretty impressive. Love the look of the vintage radar screen and “bombs away” button which brings the gameplay to the 1943 period. Bonus bombs appear on the screen as and when a target has been successfully taken out, they can be picked up by tapping on them.



If you’re looking for the next cool game to try on the iPhone platform then there’s nothing better than iBomber. Its interesting yet straightforward gameplay and great graphics make it one of the must have games on the iPhone even if you’re not a fan of flight simulation games.

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If you would like to try the game before you buy, check out the free lite version of the game from the App store available for free download. Available in the App store for just $2.99 from CobraMobile, iBomber is money well spent on fun.