iPhone Game Review: Parachute Parapanic by FDG Entertainment


I do not play many games on my iPhone but I keep a few on there for casual entertainment. One such game is Parachute Parapanic from FDG Entertainment. The point of the game is simple really; keep the parachuters alive as they fall from the sky onto the waiting boats below. The difficulty lies in keeping the parachuters from a variety of potential hazards that await them. For example, if you don’t open their parachutes in time and guide them to safety, they will fall into the water and be eaten by sharks. They can also be struck by lighting from passing rainstorms, chopped up by passing helicopter blades or abducted by aliens. I know it all sounds a little silly but one game and you’ll be hooked.

Interface (5 out of 5)

What makes the game interface work is how FDG Entertainment has utilized the iPhone interface perfectly. To open a parachute, tap on the falling parachuter. To guide him to safety, swipe in that direction and a gust of wind takes him that way. For your non-iPhone using friends and family, it may take a minute or two to get use to the iPhone and game interface. But for anyone else familiar with the iPhone’s touchscreen, it will be as simple as swiping to make a call.

Graphics and Sound (4 out of 5)

Another fun thing about Parachute Parapanic is the hand drawn graphics. The entire game consists of stick figure drawings laid over a sheet of old school graph paper. Some may find the graphics a bit bland and oversimplified but I think it’s a perfect match for the casual and simple gaming experience you are in for.

The FDG Entertainment website list "Catchy Music" as one of the features of the game. While I would not exactly call it catchy, it can be entertaining and the sound effects make game play a little more enjoyable. I personally either play the game on mute or listen to music from the native iPod App. So I will leave it up to you decide if the music is catchy but being able to listen to your own music during game play is a big plus.

Entertainment Value (5 out of 5)

Parachute Parapanic is available at the iTunes App Store for $0.99. At that price, almost any game is worth checking out. However, Parachute Parapanic is a keeper. If you are into casual games that can entertain while you pass the time, this one is definitely worthy of a place on iPhone home screen. I think one 10-minute game of Parachute Parapanic while you are waiting in line will have you thinking it was a buck well spent.

Parachute Parapanic Screenshots by FDG Entertainment

Startup screen
Options screen
Game play
Game play
Game play