Pocket God for iPhone Review

Pocket God for iPhone Review
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What’s it all about?

In Pocket God (not to be confused with Doodle God) for iPhone you assume the role of, you guessed it, God. As God, it is your decision as to how you treat your followers, who in this case are a tribe of pigmies. These adorable little characters aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box, and it will take some help from you to keep them from biting the big one all on their own. They are prone to shark attacks, accidents, and even being eaten by a random dinosaur or two.

The world of Pocket God is presented on a variety of static landscapes. By static I mean that the game screen stays put, and you wont be walking left or right to complete objectives or anything like that. When you choose your landscape, you will generally stay there for quite a while, or until you change it yourself. There are several island environments, each with its own perks and perils, and you can even go diving down to the ocean floor for a bit if you feel like it.

Pocket God for iPhone was perhaps the first game to truly utilize the episodic iPhone game concept to its fullest potential. Starting with just a handful of options, Pocket God is now well past its 30th update. Each time an update is released new content is added to the game for free. These can be in the form of characters, enemies, items, or even entirely new landscapes and wildlife.

Graphics, Audio and Verdict


The strength of Pocket God lies in its adorable characters. And the fact that I can say they are adorable means the graphics designers have certainly done their job. The pigmies are simply hilarious and their seemingly endless number of facial expressions are sure to put a smile on your face. The environments are well drawn and every asset in the game looks as though it has been professionally drawn. Cool lightning effects and realistic underwater bits also help to give the game a sense of personality not usually found on a phone.

The audio, as you might expect from a polished product like Pocket God, is done well. The pigmies have subtle sounds and moans and groans as they go about their daily life. Smaller sound effect touches are added here and there, such as falling coconuts or the sound of a magnifying glass burning up some ants. Overall it is extremely well done.

Pocket God has got to be the best bang-for-your-buck on the iPhone, period. For that reason alone it should warrant your dollar’s attention. And, because of the awesome support the game has already received, you know that Pocket God will never be far from another update. Who knows, if developer Bolt Creative keeps updating in the same fashion as they have been for months and months now, Pocket God could end up being the largest mobile game of all time. Then again, they’re just pigmies…