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Tilt To Live iPhone Review

by: MikeWehner ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Tilt To Live may remind gamers of Geometry Wars, but it is so much more than that. A top-down shooter, Tilt To Live is a great game concept for the iPhone, but is it worth a purchase? Read on to find out!

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    What's it all about?

    mzl.jqdwkopl.320x480-75 Tilt To Live for the iPhone can best be compared to a game like Geometry Wars. You move about the game world and try to eliminate every enemy that pops up. The enemies in this case are red dots. Sure, it doesn't sound very intimidating now, but just wait until they gang up on you relentlessly. Over the course of the game, which ends if you are touched by one of the red enemy dots, the little specks will use a number of different strategic techniques to eliminate you. They will form solid walls that move from right to left, or left to right, and try to corner you. They will form larger objects out of themselves like arrows and paddles and attack you with force, or they'll just pop up one at a time and move towards you from every angle. Regardless of their method of attack, they all must be eliminated.

    Each round of Tilt To Live is like any other. You start off with just a few red dots and by the end they are swarming in a number of different ways. What makes this game especially difficult is that you do not have any sort of default weapon system at all. You are just a ship trying to outrun your enemies. Your weapons take the form of floating orbs, that will appear randomly on the battlefield. You must touch these orbs to unlock their weapon power, which can be used only once.

    Some weapon orbs may be a giant circular explosion, that eliminates all enemies in a certain area, or a large fireball that shoots whatever direction your ship is pointing, or even a giant freeze blast that stops all enemy dots in the area and allows them to be destroyed simply by touching them with your ship. Games will last as long as your skill level allows, which in most cases is a few minutes at the most.

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    Graphics, Audio and Verdict

    mzl.jbazltng.320x480-75 Again, if you've played a top-down shooter like Tilt To Live in the past you'll know that there usually isn't a whole lot of crazy graphics involved. Still, everything that the game does visually, it does well. The ship and enemies are animated well and the weapons do have some pretty cool touches. The ice blast weapon looks especially cool.

    Tilt To Live's soundtrack isn't anything special, but it certainly doesn't take anything away from the game experience ether. The weapons sound cool and nothing is too over-the-top. Again, the ice blast and the fireballs make cool effects when activated and hearing each red dot meet its demise has a very zen-like quality to it.

    Overall, Tilt To Live certainly warrants a recommendation. From its simple yet clean graphic style to its pick up and play nature, Tilt To Live is a perfect fit for a handlheld platform like the iPhone and iPod Touch.