Ragdoll Blaster 2 Review

Ragdoll Blaster 2 Review
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What’s it all about?

The original Ragdoll Blaster was released shortly after the debut of the app store. Made by Backflip Studios, Ragdoll Blaster featured simple graphics with a hand-drawn doodle vibe and a healthy number of levels. It was a massive success and is still one of the best selling games on the device. More recently, Ragdoll Blaster 2 has been taking the app store by storm. So, why not just add on new levels to the original Ragdoll Blaster? Why create a whole new game based around the exact same concept?

If you were to see Ragdoll Blaster 2 side by side with the original game, you wouldn’t even be able to tell they are related. Ragdoll Blaster 2 has completely updated the graphical style and some serious work has gone into the game world and all the original assets for the game.

The basic gameplay is the same; you shoot limp ragdolls at a target, but that’s where the similarities end. There is a new metagame, where you collect items as your progress through the game. The number of puzzles in the game is staggering compared to the first title, and a few of these levels could take the award for most brutal and punishing of all time. There will likely be many instances where you simply don’t know how you beat the level, and it is often based on chance and dumb luck.

Graphics, Audio and Verdict


As I’ve already stated, the graphics in Ragdoll Blaster 2 are a huge improvement over the original. Going from simple doodle-styled graphics to highly-detailed 2D sprites was a great step for the series. Your cannon, the ragdolls, and everything in the environment was completely re-done and looks fantastic. The game runs very smoothly for the most part, but there are instances where the action seems to be a little too intense for the modest iPhone. Launching several ragdolls at once, especially when there are some intense environmental effects going on, can cause the game to lag and slow down.

The audio in the game is pleasant. There isn’t much of a soundtrack, but the effects and whatnot are well done. The soft ding when a ragdoll finally hits its target will become something that you can’t wait to hear, especially when the game boosts the difficulty in the later levels.

Ragdoll Blaster 2 is like a love letter to fans of the first game. They improved every aspect of the game and then multiplied everything by about ten. More levels, better graphics, and awesome new features like unlockable items are a fantastic reason to not only buy another Ragdoll Blaster title, but also to look forward to the third iteration which is most likely already on its way. So if you liked the original, get it. If you never played the original, there really isn’t any reason to start there, you way as well just pick up number two right away, and get right into the really good stuff.