Mega Jump iPhone Review

Mega Jump iPhone Review
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What’s it all about?


Mega Jump made its way to the App Store top sellers list a while after Doodle Jump had already made its presence known as an iPhone App Store heavyweight. And, when you first see Mega Jump in action you’re likely to think that Mega Jump is a similarly-named “me too!” app just trying to cash in on a catchy formula. To a certain extent, you might be right. Mega Jump clearly benefits from the great impression that Doodle Jump has already made on the App Store faithful. However, there is a ton about the Mega Jump formula that goes far above and beyond what its less-visually-appealing cousin had to offer.

The method to Mega Jump‘s madness is your little monster just wanting to get higher and higher in the game world. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but the higher you get in the game world the more points you will get and the cooler power ups and bonuses you’ll come across. However, Mega Jump doesn’t simply rely on floating platforms to allow the gamer to progress. Instead, your monster must continuously collect the coins that litter the game world in order to gain altitude. Bigger coins offer a bigger boost, and huge coin highways will power you higher and higher.

Simple power-ups will cause coins to give additional boosts, or even make the player magnetically attract coins. The player will get rocket boosts that make coin collecting moot, as well as balloon bonuses that let the player float to their leisure. All in all, the formula can get way more complex than that of similar games, and in many ways it is even harder to master.

Graphics, Audio and Verdict


The visual style of Mega Jump is very cartoonish, like many things on the App Store, but it certainly doesn’t disappoint in terms of graphics. Simple, but detailed models add to the game world and the game even looks good when moving at insane speeds. When your character gains a power up that allows rapid movement, the game never misses a beat. This is very important, especially when a single wrong move can cause your character to fall into oblivion, ending the game.

The title theme and game sound effects of Mega Jump are well done. Everything has a sound effect and the pleasant chime of a never-ending coin stream will shortly become one of your favorite sounds in the world. The rocket effects and other bonus effects are cool and nothing ever gets annoying. Many games falter in this regard, as it is rather hard to make non-annoying repeatable sound effects, but thankfully Mega Jump did their homework.

Overall, Mega Jump is an instant recommendation for fans of Doodle Jump and pretty much any other pick-up-and-play title on the iPhone App Store. Pleasant and clearly professionally designed, Mega Jump takes an already successful formula and expands on it, making it a must buy for all but the most curmudgeonly of App Store customers.