Implode! for iPhone Review

Implode! for iPhone Review
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What’s it all about?


Implode! is a game that appeals to the destructive nature in all of us. Implode! allows gamers to destroy structures with carefully placed explosives, that are limited in each instance, and provides rewards for achieving high levels of destruction while limiting the use of available supplies.

The game is presented in a blueprint type of format that renders all the structures as line-drawn walls, roofs and floors. The types of materials that explosives can be placed on are limited, and even the ones you can interact with can only have one type of explosive on them at one time. Then, once you believe you have placed enough explosives on any given structure, you push the plunger on the classic detonator box and watch the mayhem unfold.

The game determines whether or not you have sufficiently destroyed a structure by placing a dotted line at a certain altitude. If you manage to topple the structure below the line, you qualify and pass the level. Some levels are rather generous in their qualifications, while some others are simply punishing. On top of all of this, there are levels that prevent you from interacting with certain areas of the screen. Meaning that your typical strategy of top-loading a certain area of a structure for maximum destruction won’t work any more, and you must devise a new way of bringing the house down.

Graphics, Audio and Verdict


Implode! doesn’t take any chances when it comes to visuals. Presented in 2D and with little to no detail in the structures themselves, the game definitely fits the “blueprint” style that it’s going for. You’re not going to see anything as stunning as, say Angry Birds. That doesn’t take anything away from the game though, as the simplicity of the game’s look and objectives is really the key to how much fun it is to play. Even the explosions are very simple, and you won’t be seeing anything like breaking glass or anything else in these structures, so don’t get your hopes up. Think of its style as Doodle (Jump) Destruction, as that is basically what you’re getting here.

The game really has no music to speak of, and as you’re placing your explosives and devising your strategy the only sound you’re going to be hearing is the ambience of a city street. Almost as though you have the building in front of you as you look at it from the street. This is probably for the best, as placing your bombs is something of an art in itself. You really won’t want anything distracting you from the job at hand, and Implode! hits that ball out of the park.

Overall, there’s really no reason not to at least try out the Lite version of Implode! It offers so much awesome gameplay, and will likely cause you to immediately purchase the full version, it’s just that good. There’s that little bit in each of us that loves to destroy things, and Implode! not only provides a great pick-up-and-play experience, it also satisfies that little devil in each of us.