The Incident for iPhone review

The Incident for iPhone review
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What’s The Incident All About?


[The Incident](/tools/AT&T - 90 Paid) is an action-oriented semi-platforming title for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You play as a small human character on the bottom of the screen as any number of insane and scary items begins falling upon you. If you aren’t able to get out of the way in time it means an amount of pain will be inflicted upon you, leading to a bit of your life bar being deleted. Get hit too many times and it’s all over. However, you do leave with some bling, as each manner of death is rewarded with a new and unique trophy. There are other ways to die, besides being crushed by falling objects, and balloons filled with any number of nasty items will begin floating up from the bottom and are sure to ruin your day a number of times before you figure the patterns out.

The screen gives you a small hint on where the next item will drop with a visual cue on the top of the screen. It’s a very simple avoid-this mechanic, but it works well with the game’s visual style which is a perfect fit for the iPhone’s mobile platform. You control the action by simply tilting your device from side to side, and overall the game controls work very well. The only issue that ever crops up is when you just can’t get out of the way in time, but that’s usually do to a cluttered playfield and you can’t really fault the game for that. The gameplay is based on a physics engine that allows your character to jump and run along the objects that are falling from the sky. This works rather impressively, and objects can be pushed out of the way or stuffed down deeper the more you jump on them.

Graphics, Audio and Verdict


The Incident uses a very cool, retro style for its visuals. It’s a look that is becoming more popular, probably because it reminds people of simpler gaming days, but it still works well for the game. Everything in the game, despite being retro in style, still looks very detailed and all of the items are rendered beautifully. All the objects in the game move smoothly and it’s clear that the visuals were designed with the iPhone’s hardware in mind. The game never slows down even in the slightest, and that includes when the screen is totally littered with items you’ve avoided.

The Incident’s audio design is also fairly well done. It is stylized in an old-school fashion just like the visuals and if you’re a fan of chiptunes you’re going to feel right at home here. There isn’t anything mind blowing, but it certainly adds to the game’s overall feel in a very positive manner.

Overall, there’s a reason that The Incident is doing so well on the iTunes App Store, and that’s because it’s a fantastic game all around. A simple concept executed very well and it’s a perfect fit for the iPhone. If you’ve worn out your Doodle Jump and your Angry Birds, The Incident is a fantastic substitute that carries a hefty recommendation.