Robin Hood: Archer of the Woods for iPhone: See What the Men in Tights are Doing These Days

Robin Hood Archer of the Woods for iPhone

Robin Hood Archer of the Woods In game sequence

If you are one of the few people who have never heard of Robin Hood, the main story behind his existence is that he would steal from the rich and give to the poor. His weapon of choice is a bow and arrow and he has a group of followers known as the Merry Men. They are generally dressed in green tights, green shirt and a hat with a feather. But different tales have different plots with different endings, but they always seem to keep the tights. This review is of the newly released Robin Hood Archer of the Woods game that is available for play on the iPhone.

Plot (4 out of 5)

Robin Hood Archer of the Woods firing arrows

The plot of this game is not your typical Robin Hood scenario. In this iPhone iteration, Robin Hood is set to defend a castle and his town’s people from the wave of enemies that come to attack. You as the player will be Robin Hood and it is your duty to use your arrow firing skills to deter the enemy from your gates.

Game Play (4 out of 5)

Robin Hood Archer of the Woods Enemies

Robin Hood (you) will be perched on a look out tower facing the oncoming enemies. It is now up to you to utilize your bow and arrow skills to get rid of these enemies as they come, because their aim is to destroy the houses and demolish the town. After you have gone through enough foot soldiers and such, you will come face to face with the boss for that wave. The bosses tend to resemble something evil from a fairytale and always seem to be freaks of nature. You may come face to face with a big green Ogre in a dress or a Flying Cow that has a Dragon’s tail and breathes fire.

Robin Hood Archer of the Woods Bosses

If you are skilled enough, you can take out your enemies with a solid blow to the head and these head shots will rack up your points and lead to bonuses. However, you will not be able to take the bosses with a headshot only; they require many more hits before they go down. To get rid of these bosses quicker, you should always be on the look out for these bonuses or power-ups. They will appear in the map and can provide anything including nuclear arrows, arrows that multiply and aim at more than one target and even arrows that will trace and target the enemy. As you go further into the game, these little helpers will become a necessity, so ensure that you look out for them.

The game only has one mode, so it is a continuous battle with enemies until your enemies upgrade and become even harder to defeat.

Controls and Graphics (5 out of 5)

Robin Hood Archer of the Woods Weapons

The controls are fairly easy to use on your iPhone, wherein you simply press on the arrows and drag your finger to the left in order to draw back the arrow and release. Before you release it, you can then move up or down to aim. If you have sweaty fingers like me, you may want to try getting an appropriate iPhone stylus, otherwise the game may get a little frustrating to you. This is not a game fault however, just a suggestion; this will happen with any touchscreen integrated device.

Robin Hood Archer of the Woods is displayed with great graphics taking full advantage of the Retina display and the images are sharp and colourful. No need to guess what the items on the screen are supposed to be, unless you are referring to the bosses, in which case you will be asking that question no matter how superb the graphics are.

Overall Rating (4 out of 5)

The Robin Hood Archer of the Woods game is given an overall 4 star rating. It’s a great game with good graphics and an okay plot. The developers need to add other modes however, for it to not seem so repetitive. May be a quick mode will do.