The Legend of Zelda Video Games' Strangest Locations

The Legend of Zelda Video Games' Strangest Locations
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The Legend of Zelda is known for its colorful characters and strange places. Some of these locations are weirder than others. Although, there are a few that stand out from the rest and make you look twice. Whether these places are unique to one Zelda game or just an early version of a series staple, they are definitely memorable.

The Moon in Majora’s Mask

From Termina, the Moon looks gray and rocky. Once you get there, it’s full of grassy fields and a single tree. What’s even weirder is the kids running around with each of the temples’ boss masks on. On the Moon, there are dungeons to explore if you collected all of the masks through the game. After completing the dungeons, the Majora kid confronts Link and gives him the Fierce Deity mask before the final battle. Yes, the last battle takes place on the moon. Majora’s Mask is just an unusual game all around.

Jabu-Jabu’s Stomach in Ocarina of Time

What happens when Princess Ruto is stuck inside Lord Jabu-Jabu? It’s Link to the rescue, of course. Not only does Link go inside his belly, but it’s full of enemies. There’s tentacles, holes, Octoroks, and a boss. Stranger still, there’s even a boomerang and Zora’s Sapphire in there. Nothing is quite as odd as going into a big fish’s stomach in search of a Zora princess and finding treasure.

The Upside Down Temple in Majora’s Mask

Better known as the Stone Tower Temple, it’s the last temple in Majora’s Mask. Link explores the temple right side up and upside down. The boss can only be fought while it’s inverted. Some treasure chests change what’s inside depending on how the temple is situated. It’s difficult, confusing, and definitely a different experience.

Bunny Link

A lot of the game is played in the Dark World, but what about the first time you go there? Oddly enough, Link transforms into a bunny and strangeness ensues. While he’s a bunny, Link can’t use any weapons and is basically helpless. In this form, Link can still walk to the first dungeon in Dark World, but he can not enter. Once Link gets the Moon Pearl, he stays normal in the parallel world. At least in Twilight Princess Link becomes a wolf. It’s a much more appropriate animal for our hero.

The City in the Sky in Twilight Princess

The very weird Oocca live in the City in the Sky. To get to the city, Link must shoot himself out of a cannon. There’s no background on how the advanced floating city was built and the half-human, half-cuccos creatures don’t seem capable of building it. In fact, two of the Oocca get stranded on the ground and Link has to help them return. The city also is home to the seventh temple in Twilight Princess.

Agitha’s “Castle” in Twilight Princess


Agitha is a pretty strange character. She’s the “princess of bugs” who invited all the bugs in Hyrule to a Ball. It becomes Link’s job to collect the bugs for the party. Agitha’s house is what she calls a “castle” even though it’s normal size. Inside the house is a huge tree growing through the middle of the floor. The walls are covered in posters of incests and glass jars are everywhere. The second floor is only assessable by a ladder.

The Bottom of the Well in Ocarina of Time

While illusions in the Legend of Zelda series weren’t introduced in Ocarina, it’s in the Bottom of the Well where they are used most effectively. Here Link gets the Lens of Truth which has the power to see through illusions. Besides the creepy atmosphere, the regular enemies like ReDeads, and the invisible boss, the well makes for a claustrophobic location. This strange mini-dungeon is located in the middle of Kakariko Village.

The Lost Woods in the Legend of Zelda

Lost Woods

The forest mazes are a big Zelda staple. But when the first game was released, it was weird to walk around parts of the map without going anywhere. The first time players encountered this was on the way to the fifth dungeon. Link walked through the same screen five time before getting to the entrance. The more elaborate one is in the forest near the bottom left of the map. You can walk all the way around the map or use the flute to avoid the maze. If done correctly, the exit leaves Link near the graveyard.

When you play the Legend of Zelda a lot, it’s easy to get used to the strange locations. But every once in awhile, the place is so different, it sticks in your head long after the game is over. This is just one of the reasons the series has endured for the last 25 years.