PC Game Review - Lego Agents: Lego Alpha Team

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Story (5 out of 5)

As in many Lego games, the Alpha Team is a game where a story is told without words, you just know what is happening trough the actions of the characters. The story of Alpha Team is focused on a mix between and action and puzzle game, like The Legend of Zelda games. Except in Alpha Team, you have to stop Ogel and his not so evil Zombie horde, although they are only mind slaves of Ogel, and not really zombies.

The story is quite simple but yet so funny, because it parodies many action movies in a clever way that children and adults can enjoy it. The given score to the story is a perfect five because of its originality and friendliness to a wide gaming audience.

Gameplay, Graphics, and Sound (4 out of 5)

I am going to give the overall score for this area first. Why? Well, because this is probably one of the best games from Lego and the given score is a perfect five as the gameplay experience is extremely enjoyable and smooth. It is a great combination of gaming, where the player will have an adventure without “gorey: violence at all and the player will improve his skills with the many puzzles that are in the game. Plus, this is a game that will appeal to parents because of the lack of blood and gore, yet still appeal to children because, well, it’s legos. Overall the gameplay is really great, but don’t expect too much because this is a kids game after all. The difficulty is quite easy, and we score it as a 2 out 5 due it’s easiness. The replay value is one of the biggest appeals of this game (as many other Lego games) because it will appeal to your childish fantasies and to the nostalgia factor.

The graphics are four over five, the developers put emphasis in the production. The settings are amazing as well as the characters, but sometimes there are pixels in the texture and that takes a lot of the charm away in terms of graphics.

The sound is a perfect five, really addictive, and it matches the game action as there is a wide variety of BMX effects that goes with the characters walk and how a Lego brick sounds when they are piled above each other. This game gives an unique perspective to the a game sounds because they are quite different from the mainstream games.

Overall (5 out of 5)

The game is excellent, really fun, really entertaining and original, because it gives another perspective of playing with Legos. I have enjoyed playing every single Lego game, as every one of them are really fun and amazing so that children and adults will have fun playing them. I highly recommend buying Alpha Team and if you are a Lego collector there are action figurines that are sold separately and can be found anywhere. Overall, the given score to this amazing game is a perfect five. If you want to buy the game, go to Amazon, or to Toys R Us, and you will find it; but I recommend more Amazon as they have a bigger selection in their products.