Lego Batman For Playstation 3: Your In-Depth Gamers Review of this Latest Lego Franchise Title

Lego Batman For Playstation 3: Your In-Depth Gamers Review of this Latest Lego Franchise Title
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I’ve been a fan of Lego’s since I was like 4. However by the time I hit my late teens I could no longer dump out my huge bucket of Lego’s on the floor and get busy with them the way I did when I was a wee one. People stared, they laughed, they pointed. They mocked.

My big bucket of Lego’s went tucked into my closet, and my secret lover went hidden.

When Lego began releasing video games though I was thrilled. I knew I could get down with my Lego love again; and this time I could play with them without being called weird. Yay! I win! I win! It’s my Birthday!!! Woot!!! Woot!!! Happy Birthday!

Oh s’cuse, me…where was I?

Ah yes…

I became a fan of the Lego gaming franchise the moment they released their first game Lego Star Wars. Their most recent release though goes to Lego Batman, the game I will be focusing on today. I had anticipated this games release ever since seeing hearing news about it nearly a year before it even hit shelves.

Lego Batman was released for use on close to every console imaginable, I chose to buy it for the Playstation 3, because I prefer the Sony controllers more than I do XBOX’s clunky controller.

The game pretty much follows the same type of feel that Lego games have had in the past. There are a few new additions to game play that I have not seen in the past.

Like Lego Indiana Jones, in Lego Batman you are pretty much playing 3 separate story lines. Batman and his clan of villain crime fighters tag team together to bring down the Joker. Each storyline though plays like a separate game, and new characters are introduced with each segment.

You are not forced to play the game entirely as the ‘good guys’ though. You have the option to choose to play the game as the bad guys!

You can create havoc while being the Joker, Cat Woman, Penguin, and a slew of other villain’s. Having the option to play the game as either the hero or the villain was a very cool addition, and it definitely increased the gaming time, and re-play value above and beyond any other Lego game that had been released in the past.

The controls in the game are all done up pretty simply, and if you have ever played a Lego game on the PS3 console, you likely will have absolutely no issues whatsoever getting back into the groove of things.

There honestly is no real rocket science that goes into the controls. Everything is pretty much laid out for you, and the first segment of the game pretty much shows you how to go about controlling your character and building things with Lego’s.


Lego Batman seriously would not be the same if the multi-player option was not available. I personally only enjoy playing when I have a partner to tag team with. It makes completing missions easier, and in some sections of the game it is frustrating to try and finish certain areas without having a partner.

I was very happy that they added a multi-player option in the game.


As much as I love the game, Lego Batman does come packages with some hiccups.

More than once while playing, we had the game just freeze up on us. This was really frustrating because my console is brand spanking new, so I know it’s not the console; not only that, if we were close to completing a mission while the game froze up, we would have to start the entire mission all over again, which was truly a pain in the butt.

Graphics (4 out of 5)


Although the graphics in Lego Batman are not anywhere close to what the console can deliver, the graphics are proper, and fitting to Lego’s in general. Characters are all done up to resemble Lego people, Lego cars, Lego items, and other objects found in the levels of the game are all matched perfectly to give the game a true retro Lego feel.

Sounds in the game also match the whole Lego aspect. While building Lego objects the sounds made are very realistic to what it would sound like in reality. When characters die, they break apart and fall to the floor; this sound is also very realistic…and h_e_y…it’s cool too!

Music (5 out of 5)


Batman themed music plays lightly in the background which is not disturbing to the game at all. Frankly while playing I get so into the game that I don’t even notice the music humming in the background.

Re-Play (5 out of 5)

Re-Play Value:

Lego Batman definitely comes packed with tons of re-play value. Although the game itself can be conquered as a whole in about 3 days, the re-play value will have you coming back for more and more. They leave collectible items, and object’s around all of the levels. You cannot get all of these objects though in one run through the level. Only certain characters will be capable of gaining access to some of the objects. In order to get the objects you will have to unlock certain characters, which pretty much means you must come back to re-play the levels in order to fully 100% complete them.

All in all the re-play value of this game is enormous!

Overall Recommendations (4 out of 5)


Lego Batman would truly be a 5 star game had it not had so many freeze ups during game play. The gaming itself is fun, and addicting.

Recommendation (Should you rent it, or should you buy it?):

Although the game suffers from a few freeze up glitches, I still highly recommend it.

As far as buying or renting, personally I’d say buy it instead of renting it, because it has that much re-play value, and you couldn’t complete the entire thing in one rental session.