Lego Star Wars Cheats and Tips

Lego Star Wars Cheats and Tips
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Everyone loves unlockable characters, and Lego Star Wars has plenty to offer. To use these cheat codes, enter Dexter’s Diner and enter “Codes”. There are four battle droids you can unlock. For the regular Battle Droid, enter 987UYR. To get the Battle Droid Commander use EN11K5 or use the Battle Droid Geonosis with LK42U6. The Battle Droid Security can be unlocked with the code KF999A.

There are a number of clones as well. The available clones, with their codes in parenthesis after their name, are the regular Clone (F8B4L6), Clone Episode III (ER33JN), Clone Episode III Pilot (BHU72T), Clone Episode III Swamp (N3T6P8), and Clone Episode III Walker (RS6E25). You can also unlock the Disguised Clone (VR832U) and three droids, the Gonk Droid (U63B2A), the Super Battle Droid (XZNR21), and the PK Droid (R840JU).

Of course, no Star Wars game would be complete without a collection of our favorite characters. You can unlock Boba Fett (LA811Y), Count Dooku (14PGMN), Darth Maul (H35TUX), Darth Sidious (A32CAM), General Grievous (SF321Y), and Jango Fett (PL47NH). But the game doesn’t stop there. It goes on to include other unlockable characters Droideka (DH382U), Geonosian (19D7NB), Grievous' Bodyguard (ZTY392), Ki-Adi Hundi (DP55MV), Kit Fisto (CBR954), Luminara (A725X4), Mace Windu Episode III (MS952L), and Shaak Ti (EUW862).

Finally, you can play as some of your favorite characters from Star Wars. Play as Padme (92UJ7D), the Rebel Trooper (L54YUK), and the Royal Guard (PP43JX). Last but not least, even Princess Leia can be unlocked after entering the code (BEQ82H).



There are a number of extras that can be unlocked as well. As with the characters, all you need to do is enter Dexter’s Diner and select “Codes”. From there you can enter the following codes to create certain effects in the game. Get silly blasters with the code NR37W1, classic blasters with L449HD, and big blasters with IG72X4. There are a number of other hilarious special effects you can unlock as well. For brushes enter SHRUB1 to turn your a broom. Don’t worry, it’ll still work just as well. You can also turn it into a teacup with the code PUCEAT or the color purple with YD77GC. Are your characters still looking too serious? Give them moustaches by entering RP924W, or use MS999Q to turn them into black silhouettes. If you need to collect minikits in a level, enter LD116B. This will cause a flashing arrow to appear over all the kits, making them a snap to find. Finally, enter 4PR28U to become invincible. This is one of the most helpful cheats in the game, as you’ll take no damage from other characters.

To use the extras you’ve purchased, choose Extras on the game menu. Any extras that are available to you will say off beside them. Select them and turn them on to activate them in your game. If an extra says locked, this means you haven’t unlocked it yet and it won’t be available.


Cheat codes aren’t the only way to unlock things in the game. If you fill up your Jedi bar during gameplay, you’ll automatically unlock the superkit and the mystery door in the diner. You can fill up your Jedi bar by collecting the Lego studs in each of your missions. To due this in a vehicle, smash up everything in the level. It takes some time to fill the bar, but once it’s full it won’t decrease. Watch out though! Dying before the bar is full will lower it.

Having trouble defeating Anakin during a boss fight? There’s a simple way to cheat the system. During the fight, have someone else control Anakin. This second player should then jump across a pit of lava while fighting you. In mid-air, while Anakin is hovering above the boiling lava, pause the game and disconnect the second player. The computer player will fall into the level once you resume. This trick can be used repeatedly to lower Anakin’s health.

Collecting money takes a while in the game, but thankfully there’s a hint for that too. In Episode III, Level 5, you start the game by running down a corridor while the floor falls away behind you. Your first reaction is to keep running, because who wants to fall through a collapsing floor? But you’ll also notice you’re collecting money as you go. Here’s a simple trick: run to the end of the corridor, collecting money as you go, and then fall in. You’ll die, obviously, but you’ll keep your money. Restart this level and repeat the trick as many times as you want. It’s a real get rich quick scheme.