Play these Old Atari Games Download for Nintendo DS Lite

Play these Old Atari Games Download for Nintendo DS Lite
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Atari 2600 games - Download for the Nintendo DS

Choose from the classics, Pong, Super Breakout, Tempest, Missile Command, Asteroids, and Centipede, each of these titles showcased on the screen, the same way you remember them, when you first were introduced to them at the Arcade. Remember way back when? They are now emulated with updated details, such as how the Asteroids lack ability to show initials in the tenth spot on the score list. Insane ! You can now hop into a customized box, and modify the way the game is played. You now have upgraded features such as “trippy mode” for the Asteroids, and the ability to modify difficult levels. The desktop themes replace the wallpaper, icons, and music or any audio on your computer. You are free to pick any of these desktop themes that relate to your favorite Atari game. Go ahead and download these classics at this link.

Any game you play can be controlled, by a mouse, keyboard or a joystick. The programmers were careful to emulate all of the old control motions of the past, like the trackball roll in Missile Command as well as the knob used for Super Breakout, Pong and Tempest.


Nintendo DS Lite is a twin screen manufactured by Nintendo, that is lighter and brighter than the redesign of Nintendo DS. Nintendo DS Lite needs an emulator in order to play the old atari games, you know and love. The NDS emulator is designed to make it easy for players to download all of the emulator files, and begin to play old games immediately. Think of your Nintendo DS lite emulator as a program that you run on your computer, that will let you run other programs, meant for older computers that used to play atari games. Remember the old Commodore, MS Dos System, and even the Old Apple II? Yes the free emulators will also allow you to play old games on your Sega Genesis, N64 and any old Atari system.

A DS emulator, is a lot like simulation, in the sense that an emulator duplicates the function of one system with a entirely different emulation DS emulation system. But unlike a simulation, it does not focus on modeling the state of the device being emulated, it only focused on reproducing the behaviour of the first DS emulator. One primary form of emulation software, is a piece of software for the computer that will allow atari games to run on a platform, other than the one for which it was originally played on. This is done by “emulating” or duplicating the same behavior of one type of computer on another, so that the system recognizes it immediately. This helps the entire DS system to accept playing the same video games over and over again. Many players play old atari games,using emulators that run the games on ROMS.

So there you have it, finally a way to bring back the old atari games to play on your Nintendo DS, that wasn’t as difficult as you may have imagined.

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