Wii Gamers' 5 Spots Party Video Game Review

Wii Gamers' 5 Spots Party Video Game Review
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5 Spots Party for the Wii

Logic Puzzle, video game developer of fun casual games, introduces 5 Spots Party to the collection of Wii video games on the shelves around North America. 5 Spots Party is based on the addictive and entertaining pen and paper game “Spot the Difference”, only using realistic photographs in which to hide the mistakes that you have to find to win. There are a number of different modes for you to try spotting the difference in and the Wii remote’s point and click ability has been implemented as the controller for this interesting video game. There’s no option to use the Wii MotionPlus accessory while playing 5 Spots Party. You’ll need to think fast and have a sharp perception to record the fastest time of all the competitors while playing 5 Spots Party. 5 Spots Party is a casual Wii video game that’s meant for all ages and is rated as being appropriate for everyone.

How Much Fun is 5 Spots Game Play? (3 out of 5)

5 Spots Party is a casual Wii video game that requires you to find five differences between 2 photographs using your Wii remote to point and click on the differences you find. The amount of time you require to find the differences is recorded and you’re penalized for wrong guesses by a reduction in the time you have to find the differences. The fastest time is the winner of the game but you can always try to best your time. The game play is made easier because they give you 5 jokers to use to help you find the six types of differences used in the game play. The included types of differences you need to spot are shape, size, color, arrangement, existence and distortion of the object in question.

How Good are the Controls of 5 Spots? (3 out of 5)

5 Spots implements the Wii remote in a simple pick up and play system that works beautifully

5 Spots Party uses the Wii remote to click and point at the differences you spot in the pictures. You can quickly and easily execute all the required moves without any Wii remote accidents occurring. The control system is simple, yet brilliant in how intuitively it works with the gamer to make controlling the action something a young kid can achieve. You control two cursors simultaneously, one over each photo. This control scheme makes it easier to play and achieve a fast time which is the ultimate goal.

What is 5 Spots Sound Quality Like? (3 out of 5)

5 Spots includes kids songs like

5 Spots Party keeps the energy and pace of the game play at an energetic pace using music with a good beat. There are a few slower tunes that seemed out of place but other than this I found the sound track to be solid. You’ll be treated to sixty second loops of “Whistle as you Work” and “Knick-Knack Paddy Whack” as you play. The music did start to repeat after a few minutes of game time but then I have come to expect this with video games being developed for video games. The sound effects included are all from the three stooges library of bells, whistles and honks. They were entertaining for the most part and added a little to the fun of playing 5 Spots Party.

How Does 5 Spots Visual Presentation Look? (3 out of 5)

5 Spots is surprisingly enjoyable as family night entertainment

Intricately designed screens with bright, crisp colors and average details greet your eyes when you turn on 5 Spots Party. The photos used have a nice variety of environments in which they hide the differences you need to find. You’ll be looking through landscapes, street scenes with lots of people, baby photos that will make you smile and other every day scenes. The quality of the photos is very good and makes it challenging at times to find a particular object in the photos amid all the clutter.

5 Spots Party would have been immensely improved if they had included an option for being able to use your own photos to create custom puzzles. An option like this properly executed could have rocketed this video game onto the 5 best Wii games for couples list.

The Final Word on 5 Spots for the Wii (3 out of 5)

5 Spots Party isn’t going to be included on the list of 5 best Wii games for hardcore gamers but it’s a fun and entertaining video game that couples, families, and casual gamers of all ages will enjoy. The game play is addictive and extremely entertaining at times and finding the mistakes in the photos very challenging.