Top Free Java Games for Nokia Phones

Top Free Java Games for Nokia Phones
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1. Marble Madness

Marble Madness is certainly not an intelligent game, however it does require considerable concentration. The user must guide a small purple marble through a variety of mazes, each with traps and monsters, waiting to jump out and swallow the hapless marble. The levels start off easy, but get increasingly difficult. The graphics are simple 3D, which adds an extra edge of difficulty to the game. The controls are slightly difficult to master though and it takes some practice to get good. Despite the steep learning curve there’s no doubt this is one of the best free Java games for Nokia phones.

2. Free Flight

For those people who would like to experience flying without the actual aircraft, Free Flight provides a fairly good approximation – especially considering it is on a mobile phone. Apart from the taking off, flying and landing, there is very little else to do in this game. It is mostly about piloting an aircraft, and surprisingly that is quite a bit of fun.

3. Pac-Man Kart Rally 3D


Pac-Man Rally Kart stars the iconic yellow ball in a new avatar. Pac-Man Kart has four worlds, each with multiple tracks to race on. There are three additional characters to unlock; each of whom is from an old school Namco video game. The graphics are boxy, however that adds more to the overall effect of playing a game starring a classic old school character like Pac-Man.

4. California Gold Rush

This is a great game, with puzzles and mazes to solve. The protagonist is a young girl who has to pick her way through dangerous mazes. Albeit she has help – she sports a pick-axe and throws dynamite around with utter impunity. California Gold Rush has great graphics and the user will find themselves absorbed in the challenging gameplay. This is another strong candidate for the best free Java game on a Nokia mobile phone.

5. 3D Style Snowboarding


It is unclear why exactly this game has been labelled ‘3D’, because the gameplay takes place with distinctly 2D imagery. As the name suggests, the user controls a snowboarder down various slopes. The snowboarder can perform various tricks to earn points, and in general the goal is achieve the challenges set at the beginning of the level. The rule of the thumb with this game is to avoid the trees as far as possible.

6. Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy

Even people who do not enjoy the medical drama on television will definitely enjoy the Grey’s Anatomy mobile game. It is set in a hospital, like its television counterpart. The user plays Patrick Dempsey’s character, Dr. Shepherd. The game is surprisingly engaging, with nice graphics and a good storyline. The idea is to run a virtual hospital, with focus on the operating theatre, much like the series. The character behaves like a real human being, and the player is expected to refresh and rest their avatar periodically.

7. Playman Summer Games 3

Playman Summer Games

The Playman series of games has always been excellent – the graphics, the storyline and the gameplay. The characters can perform complicated manoeuvres, and compete against other players as well. This game, called Summer Games 3, is divided into a series of levels, each one get progressively harder and more difficult to beat. The user can spend hours trying to crack into this game.