Sally's Spa Game Hints and Tips

Sally's Spa Game Hints and Tips
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About Sally’s Spa

Sally is an entrepreneur who decides to open up spa salons around the world. Since Sally’s friend Nell sells spa related products, they decide to work together to make money and profits. Sally’s Spa is a time management game that has eight locations with over sixty-five levels of play.

Game Play

Sally’s Spa

Each level of play has a monetary goal that players must earn to move forward in the game. During each level of play, customers will arrive at Sally’s Spa. Move customers by clicking and dragging them to the appropriate spa location that is indicated by a thought bubble above their head. Once the customer is at the spa station, click on the station to have Sally interact with the customer. Once their service has been completed, the customer may require an additional service or will walk over to the cash register. Money is collected from the customer by clicking on the cash register. Sally will then walk over to the cash register and collect the money.

Some spa services include a little more interaction from the player. For instance, the facial station will have the player select the “happy” facial expression image from a list of choices. Selecting the happy face earns bonus points and makes the customer’s mood improve. Other stations like the massage table will require placement of a hot stone on the customer’s back that fits the outline shape displayed on screen.

In between levels, upgrades can be purchased with the money earned from game play levels to improve performance of the spa stations or help increase the patience of customers. Players will also have to select salon products from Sally’s friend Nell. The products that are selected are based on “conditions” of that particular day. For instance, some days hair products are high in demand while on other days moisturizers are the item of choice.

Customer Types

There are many different types of customers in Sally’s Spa. All vary in their level of patience and the amount they will tip. The following is a list of customers that will be encountered in the game:

  • The Busy Mom customer is an average tipper and is very patient.
  • Athlete - Has an average level of patience and gives moderate tips.
  • Bride- Is a good tipper, but has a very impatient personality.
  • Business Man - Tips well and has an average level of patience.
  • Fashionista – Has a very impatient personality and gives average tips.

Hints and Tips

  • If a customer sees a salon product they like they will walk over to the counter and pick it up. The sale of salon products earns additional bonus money for the salon.
  • Giving customers tea or a magazine will increase their mood bar.
  • Try to take care of the most impatient customers first. These include the Bride and the Fashionista.
  • Use the heart candle in levels where you have many angry customers who are getting impatient.
  • As customers arrive, wait a couple of seconds to give them a chance to purchase salon products from the counter.
  • You can chain up to nine tasks at once. Unfortunately, you do not earn any bonuses for doing so.
  • When selecting items for the salon counter, you should always pick ones that display a green bar icon. Avoid any items that have a red icon since they will not sell that day.

*Screenshot images for the Sally’s Spa game article were created by Sheila Robinson.