Android Gaming Guides: Tips and Tricks to Building a Fortune in Gem Miner

Android Gaming Guides: Tips and Tricks to Building a Fortune in Gem Miner
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Gem Miner for Android

Gem miner for Android is an addictive game that is a lot deeper as you might initially expect. There are many upgrades available and the levels are long so that there is plenty to explore. The gameplay is fun and the graphics are good enough to make the game visually attractive. It is no wonder then that many Android users quickly got addicted to Gem Miner

The ultimate goal in Gem Miner, as the name implies, is to get as many gems as possible and with this enhance your wealth. As the gems have different values and are hidden in different layers of the mine, there are many ways of achieving richness, but there are a few tips that can make your mining life easier.

Getting Rich in Gem Miner for Android

Building a fortune in Gem Miner is not necessarily that difficult. However, as the mines are generated randomly you may need to spend quite some time achieving this. Here are a few tips that will enhance the process a bit.

  • Gem Miner for Android Buy Ladders

    First of all, a dead miner can’t get rich. Make sure that you have enough equipment to prevent this. Early in the level it is a good idea to spend your first earned cash on the basic and cheapest survival skills, which are ladders and support. They cost 10 each, so just buy as much as you can. More is always better, as you will need them a lot as you get deeper into the mine.

  • Although generated randomly, the more valuable gems will not be found straight at the mine’s entrance. Instead, you literally have to dig deep for them. For some ‘quick’ access dig deep rather than far. Try to reach the bottom of the cave first and work your way up from there. Obviously this will take a lot of ladders and a lift will definitely make things easier. Lifts are more expensive but as you gain access to the more valuable gems a worthy upgrade to consider.

  • Gem Miner for Android Find More Valuable Gems

    Take a large amount of survival kits with you, as you get deeper. As you get deeper and get to the more valuable gems it’s a waste to have to go back up immediately to replenish your stamina. Survival kits will do the job quickly and let you take in more of those precious gems.

  • Upgrade to a larger bag and a drill/better pickaxe as soon as possible. A good idea would also be to upgrade to a sleeping bag to last longer. All these upgrades are not too expensive and make a great impact on the mining process.

Endless Varieties of Playing Gem Miner

The addiction factor of Gem Miner mainly lies in the fact that the game can be played in a variety of manners. There is no absolute strategy in the game. The above-mentioned methods will only help towards building a considerable level of richness in a ‘short’ amount of time. It will still take several hours to even reach the bottom of an average mine, making the game even more challenging. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth checking out if you want a seemingly simple but nevertheless deep gaming experience with excellent replay value on your Android device.