Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time - How to Defeat Elder Princess Shroob

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Elder Princess Shroob: Form One

Recommended Bro Items: Copy Flower and Mix Flower

Recommended Badge: Ulti-Free Badge

Strategy: Just keep knocking saucers out, dodging attacks, and using Mix and CopyFlowers. You will rarely need to heal if you can get the hang of dodging her attacks.

Her Attacks:

At the beginning of her turn, she will summon two to four Shroob Saucers. Peach will provide with a star to fire at these, which can knock multiply saucers out of the sky and sometimes when you do, you will get a free Bro. Item. Whenever she uses saucers for an attack, they will disappears right afterward.

Shroob Chomp: Princess Shroob will bring a Shroob Chomp from off screen and give it to one of the saucers. The saucer will start flying around with the Chomp in pursuit. When the saucer flies over Mario or Luigi, jump and try to hit the chomp to end the attack.

Meteor Crush: Three saucers bring her a meteor and after see marches over to either Mario or Luigi. Hit her with your hammer about four times to make her drop the meteor, preventing damage. Be careful, as you have limited time to do this.

Shroob Rush: When Princess Shroob backs up and gets in line with one of the brothers, see will try and rush them. Hammer her twice to end the attack. Should this hit you, the bro. hit will be knocked over.

Vim Drink: When Princess Shroob has lost around half her health, she will start calling saucers to give her Vim, which will restore 120 points of her health.

Just when you think you have won, Princess Shroob activates her crown, causing her to grow in size and change in form.

Elder Princess Shroob: Form Two

Strategy: Until you deactivate her crown, you will do only one point of damage with any attack, be it hammer or Mix Flower. However, the only way to does that is to first destroy here feet. Use Mix Flowers to destroy her feet and tentacles. When she drops down to the ground, use Mix Flowers to destroy her crown, as well as any tentacles that grow back. After you destroy her crown, she can be hit, so use copy flowers to take down her health. However, after five rounds her feet grow back and her crown regains power in four rounds.

Her Attacks:

Tentacle Spin: Princess Shroob moves up near Mario and Luigi and generates two or three tentacles around her, then proceeds to spin them in a circle. Jump to avoid these. Keep in mind if you are hit, you might get knocked down.

Poison Gas: Princess Shroob spits out poison clouds, you can either jump over these or jump on them to destroy them. See fires more of them as her health goes lower and they also get faster.

UFO Crash: Princess Shroob summons four to six saucers, and then fires an energy ball at them. Keep an eye on the order they are hit in, as that is the order in which they will crash. If the saucer is on fire, it will hit Mario and if it has electric sparks coming off it, it will hit Luigi. Hammer these to do damage to Princess Shroob.

Tentacle Strike: Watch her bottom tentacles. If one of them glows for a second, it is preparing to attack. The left tentacle hits Mario and the right one hits Luigi.

Tentacle Grab: Same thing as Tentacle Strike except instead of jumping, you need hammer the tentacles she sends at you.

Shroob Energy Ball: Princess Shroob fires a large energy up to the top screen, after which red and green balls merge with it. The color of ball that enters the most tomes tells whom it is aiming at. Hammer it to deflect it at the other bro. Hammer it again to fire it at Princess Shroob.

Time Hole: Princess Shroob’s rarest and most powerful attack. She creates a time hole in the middle of field and sends saucers into it much like her UFO Crash attack. After a couple of turns the time hole reappears and sends the Shroob Saucers at you in the order they went into the Time Hole.

After you defeat Princess Shroob, she turns into a mushroom and the Shroob mushrooms are removed from the Mushroom Kingdom of the past. When you arrive in the present, you find that Bowser is knocked out in the throne room. While Baby Mario stomps on his head trying to wake him up, Princess Shroob goes into Bowser’s mouth and is consumed. Bowser is revived and intents to crush the Mario Bros, Past and Present. This is the last battle, prepare yourself!


Strategy: During this battle, you can’t attack Shrowser directly or in fact, take a turn at all. Instead, you must reflect his attacks back at him. When he attacks, Elder Princess Shroob’s spirit points at the target of the attack(s). He has a total of 20 hitpoints.

His Attacks:

Fireball: He fires fireballs at you. He fires more, as he gets weaker. Jump over these to reflect them. This does one point of damage when reflected.

Aerial Fireball: Same thing as fireball except they come from the sky. These are reflected by hitting them with your hammers and do the same amount of damage as a normal fireball when reflected.

Fire Orb: Bowser fires a single fireball that you need to reflect with your hammer. Does two points of damage when reflected.

After you defeat Shrowser, Elder Princess Shroobhit points is destroyed for good and peace is brought to the Mushroom Kingdom.