Top Free Games for Nokia Phones

Top Free Games for Nokia Phones
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1. Super Mario Planet

The most famous plumber is back with this mobile game. The game involves walking a tightrope at all times, but Mario does not have to focus on staying aloft, the aim is to avoid bumping into any mushrooms. There are three levels of gameplay, with ten sublevels in the medium and hard difficulties respectively. The game is absorbing, with all the comforting familiarity of the original console games. Super Mario Planet is easily one of the best games for Nokia mobile phones.

2. Playman Extreme Running

This is a well-designed game with excellent graphics. The user plays either Playman or his sister in the game, which is all about extreme running. There are twelve levels in all, each steadily increasing in difficulty. Each level has a set of sublevels where the user has to compete with a challenger. The way to proceed to the next level is to beat the challenger, by reaching preset goals. Earn points by performing complicated tricks and manoeuvres in this fabulous game.

3. FurnitureFrenzy

Perfect for those who love brain teasers, the premise of FurnitureFrenzy is deceptively simple. The instructions are: ‘move the blue table out of the room’; the room, however, is filled with obstacles. The first few levels are a breeze with obvious solutions. However as the game progresses, it becomes steadily harder. There is a tally of the number of moves taken too; just to add some more pressure. The game graphics are simple and unremarkable, but the game is excellent fun to while away idle time.

4. IslandBowling


This game is strictly for adults, only because the bowling pins are Malibu bottles. The game has a good graphical look, with smooth animations and interesting sound effects. The bowling ball is a coconut and it cheers the user on as they progress. It is a light-hearted game, with five different sets of lanes to choose from.

5. 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa


This is a sophisticated game with staggering graphics, the game takes a lot of practice to play well. It is created by the same publishers as the Playstation and PC games, so a lot of the graphics have percolated through to the mobile game. Football fans will love this game; it is detailed to the point of being very confusing.

6. 3-in-1 Classic Board Games

Classic board games now on a mobile phone; this pack has Ludo, Backgammon and Yam’s packed into it. The interface is simple to use, although the graphics are really small. It is loads of fun though, as the user can choose to play alone or with a friend, by passing the mobile back and forth. There is no option for networked play, so that takes away somewhat from the charm. But all in all, the games are engaging.

Ad Supported Free Games

There are loads of other free games available for download, however their authors support themselves through advertising. Therefore the user must agree to let ads download onto their mobile, otherwise the game will not play. It depends on each individual whether those conditions are acceptable or not. There is no doubt that this will become more common as advertising on mobile phones is set to increase.