Ten of the Best Games for the HTC EVO 4G

Asphalt 5 (4 out of 5)

Asphalt 5 screenshot

Asphalt 5 screenshot2

Asphalt 5 is a racing type simulator game for the HTC Evo. It features vivid and complex graphics, 3D environments and fast paced gameplay. The game has paired itself with the best vehicles from many prestigious car brands such as Kawasaki, Lamborghini and Ford. HTC Evo games like Asphalt 5 make use of the smartphone’s accelerometer. The goal of this high octane 3D game is to arrive at the finish line first. A slew of engine parts and body upgrades are available as you progress through the game. Asphalt 5 can be purchased for $4.99 at www.gameloft.com.

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Homerun Battle 3D (5 out of 5)

Homerun Battle 3D profile

Homerun Battle 3D screenshot

Homerun Battle 3D is an online game that takes inspiration from one of the most popular past times, baseball. It is highly addictive as players try and rack up the most homeruns within the game. Players can play with friends, solo or with millions of other gamers online. Each character within the game can be customized. Customizations include the face, skin, hair, pants, jerseys, shoes, helmets, bats and gloves. This and similar HTC Evo games use the phone’s accelerometer to direct gameplay. Tapping the screen with allow users to hit the ball and then run from base to base. Homerun Battle 3D can be downloaded at global.com2us.com for only $4.99.

Mystique: Chapter 3: Obitus (4 out of 5)

Mystique. Chapter 3 game play

Mystique. Chapter 3 start screen

Mystique: Chapter 3: Obitus is a challenging dark puzzle game for the HTC Evo smartphone and other Android mobiles. This third installment features new gameplay, better graphics, animations, locations and 3D characters. Players explore the underworld and kill enemies in a quest to come out as victor. This haunting game features bloody ghouls and creepy environments which will have anyone who plays it on the edge of their seats. This eerie game costs only $2.99 and can be purchased at www.bendroid.com.

Speedx 3D (4 out of 5)

Speedx 3D

Speedx 3D screenshot

Speedx 3D is the ultimate speed challenge game where players are placed within a 3D tunnel and have to manoeuvre round low beams and columns. The accelerometer plays an important part in this and similar games for the HTC Evo. Each level gets more challenging as players collect small orange squares which act as lives in case they are not quick enough. Speedx 3D costs UK £0.75 and can be found at hyperbees.com.

UNO HD (4 out of 5)

Uno HD screenshot

Uno HD screenshot2

UNO is a classic card game that is perfect for friends and family. The aim of the game is to match either colors or numbers in order to call UNO, empty your hand and win the game. Players are able to compete online via Wi-Fi connectivity, with friends or with the game AI. The game features intuitive controls. A slight click and drag will complete an action. There is also a Tournament mode which is both challenging and addictive. UNO HD costs only $4.99 and can be downloaded at www.gameloft.com.

Dungeon Hunter HD (4 out of 5)

Dungeon Hunter screenshot

Dungeon Hunter is an RPG game which takes place in the land of Gothicus where an evil queen has taken control of the land. You are the hero and avenger who has travelled far to fight the evil queen for what is rightfully yours. There are many different levels and achievements within Dungeon Hunter HD as well as quests and mini missions. RPG games for the HTC Evo seem never-ending as users find special items, protect and explore the land of Gothicus. There are many weapons and items to be found in this thrilling RPG adventure game. At only $4.99 this game can be purchased at www.gameloft.com.

Raging Thunder 2 (3 out of 5)

Raging Thunder 2 screenshot

Raging Thunder 2 splash

Raging Thunder 2 is a racing simulator which features high quality 3D graphics, realistic sounds and a unique and thrilling soundtrack. Like other HTC Evo games, Raging Thunder 2’s gameplay makes use of the Evo’s accelerometer. The AI drivers are competitive and will keep players neck and neck until the very end of the race. The game can be played singly with Survival, Career and Time Attack modes and played with others online in multiplayer mode. Raging Thunder 2 can be purchased at www.polarbit.com for €4.00.

Assassin’s Creed: Altaïr’s Chronicles HD (5 out of 5)

Assassin's Creed gameplay

Assassin's Creed splash

This action, adventure game for the HTC Evo is one of the most popular games on the market today having been released on multiple consoles and on different operating systems this year. Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles takes place in Jerusalem in 1911 AD where two rival clans are ravishing the Holy Land. Altair, the assassin, is sent to bring peace to the war. But no one said this was going to be easy. This game features rich gameplay and puzzles throughout making it an exciting and addictive game. Assassin’s Creed: Altairs Chronicles costs $4.99 and can be downloaded at www.gameloft.com.

Let’s Golf! HD (5 out of 5)

Let's Golf screenshot

Let's Golf screenshot2

Let’s Golf is a fun and bright cartoon game based on golfing. It features up to 63 holes in more than 4 different environments. There are 4 different characters to customize and many places to choose from. Each character has a list of their own strengths and weakness. Players can choose to play in casual mode or with friends with more competitive rules. Controls can also be customized to adapt to each player’s unique playing style. At only $4.99 Let’s Golf! can be purchased and downloaded at www.gameloft.com.

Hero of Sparta (5 out of 5)

Hero of Sparta gameplay

Hero of Sparta screenshot

Hero of Sparta is an action packed game set in mythical times. Players take the role of the Hero of Sparta who needs to avenge his fate. There are several vivid environments to play including Altantis and the Underworld. Mythological monsters like Cyclops and Cerberus need to be defeated before arriving at the ultimate battle. Hero of Sparta is not like any other games for the HTC Evo. It features up to 8 levels, several major boss battles and full 3D environments. This game costs $4.99 and can be downloaded at www.gameloft.com.


These HTC Evo games are some of the most widely played and popular games for the smartphone. There are many other games for the HTC Evo that can be found online.