Gemini Lost Strategy

Gemini Lost Strategy
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Gemini Lost Map

Before getting food, before helping your village grow, a good Gemini Lost strategy is to memorize the map. The Gemini Lost map is difficult to understand at first, and you need to know where your resources are, your food source and your building locations.

After understanding the map at large, look at the mini-map towards the bottom to help navigate around your village.

Gemini Lost Gathering Food

Finding those 12 Zodiac Keys for Gemini Lost is going to be very hard on an empty stomach. The second thing you need to instruct your villagers to do is make a garden. There is a pumpkin patch to build and maintain near the top-left. Drop a farmer villager on there, as this villager will be best at tending the garden, so your village doesn’t starve.

As you grow in knowledge, there will be new ways to make food such as harvesting honey, making wheat fields and mills.

Gemini Lost Resources and Buildings


After the food is taken care of, you need resources and buildings. Wood is taken from the area with the knocked over trees and rocks are gotten by the quarry to the right. When the resource is collected, the villagers will deposit them for use. These resources will be automatically used when another villager is building.

To build, drop a villager on an area that can be built up (such as the chapel), and they will use the resources to start building.

In later parts of Gemini Lost, strategy will be needed for your building placement. You will need to ensure you have enough fields for food, and enough houses for families. If you keep both aspects balances, this is actually simple to accomplish.

Gemini Lost Knowledge Points

After the laboratory is built, which happens within the first 10 to 20 minutes of playing, drag a villager here to gather knowledge points. While building and gathering food is important, gathering knowledge helps get food, makes buildings better and gives you the tools needed to complete the game.

If you are looking to complete the game, gathering knowledge is the quickest way to beat the game. You can’t beat the game without building the Zodiac Teleporter.

Gemini Lost Jobs

Each villager is born with in innate job. They can perform other jobs, such as making a farmer build, but they are going to perform much slower. If possible, only place a villager in their preferred line of work. The four jobs are:

-Worker: these villagers are best at collecting resources.

-Scientist: these villagers collect knowledge, which is used to make upgrades.

-Farmer: best at tending to food sources and gardening.

-Builder: work fastest at building houses, bee hives and other buildings.

Growing the Village


After building the chapel, which happens within the first five minutes of the game, marry your villagers. Do this by dropping a villager near the chapel and then ring the bell. Villagers who are suitable for marriage will run over, each with a zodiac symbol near them.

Look at the first villager, and you will see which zodiac sign he or she would do best with. Choose a villager with that symbol, and they will be married and soon have a child. Children cannot work at first, so don’t try to use them for labor.

There is a population cap, which you can view from the top bar. To increase your cap, use knowledge points and make more houses. The more villagers you have, the better chance you have of getting the Zodiac Keys for Gemini Lost.

When Villagers Die

Just like real life, your villagers die from old age. You can increase the age cap with knowledge points. Just increase the “Medicine” skill. When a villager dies, they will leave a gravestone where they last stood.

Move these stones to a deserted location. That way they don’t get in the way of farming or building. You can also stack the gravestones so they take up less room.

Zodiac Keys for Gemini Lost


To get back to your world, you need to get the 12 Zodiac Keys for Gemini Lost. The game, during the tutorial, will instantly show you where the Aries zodiac is, and you just have to build a simple bridge to get it. This is the only easy one.

The other 11 will be slightly harder to find. To find the other keys, look around the map for any unfinished buildings. If you notice a bridge that is nowhere near your village, set a builder there. Or, if you see a large collection of animals or insects, like bees or a spider, send someone over to investigate. A few keys are guarded by large animals. If an item is needed, the game will prompt you to build on.

However, even if you get all 12 Zodiac Keys, it won’t matter unless you build the teleporter. Have a scientist gathering knowledge points so you can build this machine.