We Ski Review

We Ski Review
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A sunny afternoon with friends

Skiing Anyone

Gamers looking for a little light entertainment in the cold afternoons around the fireplace, should pull a chair closer to the heat and snuggle up for a little We Ski to relieve the boredom between snow storms.

The We Ski Overview (3 out of 5)

We Ski is fun and enjoyable just watching replays of spectacular tricks during your latest downhill run or on one of We Ski’s 13 animal-themed courses. You can ride up to each course on the handy lift or forget the lift and warp directly to the one you want by clicking the map. Exploring the boundaries of the slopes is the best way to locate the next Star Point, so have a look around the slopes.

Compete in moguls, slalom or downhill, or just ski around aimlessly for fun, We Ski allows gamers to do both. Either way, gamers are given a grade after each course to measure their level of expertise.

The judges are tough in the skiing competition, they will give you an overall score based upon your lowest mark, so We Ski is actually a challenge to a gamers skills. You can achieve the highest grade for time, balance and speed control, but still receive an overall grade of D because your turns were the lowest mark and skewed the overall grade. Giving the flawless run you just ran, a middle of the road score that unless you know the scoring system, may have you scratching your head.

Designers also included a ski school with We Ski to help introduce you to the moves you need to compete. After a few runs down the hill, you’ll be bending your knees as you balance on the Wii Balance Board and intuitive pull big air, after big air. At first if you find the touch needed to successfully use the Wii Balance Board to compete the courses is escaping you. You can give your ankles a rest and use the Wii remote and Nunchuk to ski in the direction you want to go.

After you finish conquering the slopes of We Ski, head on down to the Happy Ski Resort, the atmosphere here is upbeat and the experience enhances an enjoyable afternoon on the slopes. You can hangout with NPCs relaxing stretching after and before skiing and getting prepared to assault the slopes of We Ski.

You can also enhance an enjoyable day skiing on the slopes with friends, by looking at photos taken to help you remember the occasion. You and up to four friends can view slideshows of the days activities to improve the Wii experience of We Ski.

Graphics (4 out of 5)

Graphically We Ski looks good, they obviously took the time to make sure this side of the game was acceptable. The characters and screens are a little cartoonish, but then its really a game aimed at a younger, less sophisticated market and for these purposes it hits the mark. The screen shots were well rendered and the tricks, flips and big air looks fantastic.

Audio (4 out of 5)

The upbeat music in We Ski was imported from earlier Namco Bandai titles, like Pacman and Katamari Damacy, so the atmosphere should feel slightly familiar, if you’ve played either of these two Nanco titles for any length of time. The sound effects are synchronized well in We Ski and they even add to the entertainment level with this slightly childish title.

Playability (3 out of 5)

We Ski is definitely fun and enjoyable, despite its simple design and frosty environment. You probably won’t want to spend much time with this title if you’re serious minded, but for the younger crowd stuck inside in the afternoon by a warm fire, it will provide enough entertainment to last through the snow-storm. The game is challenging if you spend enough time with it and might even frustrate some, especially if they use the Wii Balance Board.

Replayability (3 out of 5)

We Ski doesn’t provide more than three or four hours of entertainment for most gamers, a few of the younger crowd may spend time playing and replaying We Ski, but for the most part you’ll be looking for something else to do after the first few hours.

The final score (3 out of 5)

We Ski actually makes good use of the Wii Balance Board in this title, it takes a little skill, but with a little practice and athletic skill, you can actually get a more interactive and immersive experience. You can make use of the Wii remote if the Balance Board isn’t your thing, but give it a try, it really is fun, and it actually works with this title. The 13 included runs have a fun attitude that makes skiing them enjoyable, while the ability to try moguls, slalom or downhill, is certainly the best part of this title.

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