Sega's Superstars Tennis Get Together - Review of Sega Superstar's Tennis Wii Game

Sega's Superstars Tennis Get Together - Review of Sega Superstar's Tennis Wii Game
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Superstars Mode rocks 14 separate worlds all based on the Sega games you love

The 14 worlds contain over 100 mini games mixed with various types of tennis

You can unlock an additional 8 characters beyond the first 8, all lesser characters from the same Sega games you love

The simple Wii mechanics and motions are easy to learn and use, so tennis is easy to play

The good parts of Sega Superstars Tennis (4 out of 5)

Gamers who loved previous Sega games will love playing tennis as the characters they learned to love playing, on courts designed with motifs based on the same games they love, and music in the background familiar from earlier adventures.

The Superstar mode has interesting and fun worlds that combine tennis on interesting and unique courts with over a hundred different inventive and enjoyable mini-games and challenges.

The bad parts of the game (2 out of 5)

The tennis is only average and the levels vary too much between over-the-top fun and falling asleep boredom; they should have worked more on the weakness of the boring ones, which would have improved this game immensely.

How does the tennis look (3 out of 5)

Sega Superstar Tennis is a decent looking game that uses proven source material of the winning variety, but the character animations are only so-so compared to the graphical look we have come to expect in the games we play today. This game is meant for a younger crowd, so it’s not going to be a problem for them, but us older tennis players are a little pickier and would prefer a cleaner look to the presentation of the game.

The sounds in the game (4 out of 5)

Cute sound effects make for an entertaining and fun experience, even when you know their coming, but they could have come up with a few off the wall sound effects, just for the sake of fun, after all it’s a cartoon-based game.

The sound track is straight out of the Sega games associated with the various characters in Sega Superstar Tennis, classic music that is still loads of fun to listen to while playing a game.

How does the game play? (4 out of 5)

Sega Superstar Tennis has four different tournaments to play that provide about 5 hours of entertainment, add about 3 hours for the unlockable bonus content, and the SuperStar mode, so the total average playing time involved is about 14 hours.

The Wii control schemes in Sega SuperStars Tennis leave plenty of room for shot complexity and variation, after awhile it was almost as responsive as the controls in Wii Sports. The points can go on forever once the players get use to the controls, their so easy to learn and use, but this makes the game very competitive.

The bottom line (3 out of 5)

Gamers who loved playing Wii Sports and Mario Tennis will enjoy playing Sega SuperStars Tennis and the kids will be entertained by the easy to learn and use Wii motions required to execute a shot, but it will probably get boring quick, since it’s actually too easy to play.

Sega fanatics will love the fact they can play characters they fell in love with on unique and interesting theme-based courts combined with fun and inventive mini-games and challenges played on entertaining worlds based upon well known Sega games.

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