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ESPN Cameraman iPhone Review

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Test your observation skills with this fun image comparison game featuring athletes from all around the sports world.

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    On a daily basis, I scout the iTunes application store for awesome new games or applications to try out. I have seen ESPN Cameraman numerous times, but for some reason I never gave it a try. The other day I finally did, and I have come to find out that though it is a simple concept, it's extremely fun and addicting.

    What ESPN Cameraman offers is a variety of photos from the wide world of sports. For each challenge, you are shown two photos that are identical except for five small differences. You must pick out each difference in the allowed time to advance to the next level. The game is brought to you by both EpicTilt and ESPN.

    When you open ESPN Cameraman on the iPhone, there isn't much to the main menu. You have the options of playing the game, looking at high scores or browsing The game itself is setup by showing a split screen of an identical image. It may be Kobe Bryant taking a shot with a defender in his face. You must look at the photo and determine what five differences exist between the photos. This sounds fairly simple, however you'd be amazed how many small changes there can be. For example, some of the photos will have things that the eye will assume is the same. Small stripes on a jersey may look the same, only to turn out that one is cut in half. Your eyes seem to pass over these minor differences. It's things like this that make the game so challenging. There isn't a whole lot going on in the picture, yet they still find a way to hide some very small changes.

    Each level has a total of five differences to locate. Once you have spotted one, you simply tap it and a red circle will go around it showing you that you have correctly found a difference. If you find yourself struggling, you get three hints. These are found at the bottom right of the screen shaped like little cameras. They will give you the answer each time you touch one. To make things tougher, you are only allowed a specific amount of time. Each time you incorrectly tap the screen, your time will decrease by a fraction of the time bar.

    ESPN Cameraman is not a short game as there are 73 levels in all, so beating it will take more than a single afternoon. You are allowed three lives to complete the 73 levels. That means you will lose a life every time your time bar runs empty.

    A nice little bonus is the ability to browse without actually having to go into the Safari browser. It is all built into the game itself. The website is setup specifically to be viewed on a mobile phone, so you don't have to wait if you're on a slower connection. When you are done checking out the website, you can simply click the tab to take you back to the game.

    ESPN Cameraman is a great free game for any sports fan. The pictures are colorful and exciting in their own way. With the high amount of levels and the difficulty varying, this one can keep your attention for quite some time. There is a deluxe version of ESPN Cameraman that you can purchase if you want to. It gives you more photos as well as ESPN Bottomline. If you're looking for a fun sports related game though that is free, definitely pick this one up. ESPN Cameraman can be downloaded from the iTunes application store.

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    Screenshots of ESPN Cameraman by EpicTilt

    Menu ScreenCan You See The Differences73 Levels To Conquer