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Celebrity Sports Showdown Wii Game Review

by: Sheri Newton ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Celebrity Sports Showdown gives me the feeling this idea was born at a marketing meeting and not a development session. The gameplay of the final product appears to be aimed at making a few quick bucks before we notice. It is recommended for young and casual gamers for a few minutes of quick fun.

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    The Great Parts

    The Wii game box to look for 

    Celebrity Sports Showdown has a low learning curve that makes it easy to pickup and play for kids and casual gamers to enjoy. You make simple but engaging motions with the Wii remote that kids will enjoy because of the easy success factor.

    This game allows you to spike the volleyball as Fergie, run a few hurdles as Keith Urban, and even play a little in your face smash-badminton against Sugar Ray Leonard. There are many interesting celebrities to play with. It allows you to play engaging and often funny sports activities with famous people placed in uncomfortable situations.

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    The Bad Parts

    Celebrity Sports Wii 2 This game comes with a dozen rather weak mini-games that won't challenge a gamer used to a significant challenge, and the celebrity characterizations don't resemble their real life counter parts very much.

    It also has gameplay that feels and plays like it was designed for a PS2 or DS console instead of the motion-sensing Wii console. All the Wii motion controls work, but they don't work very well and make the game less than challenging when they do. Mindless waggling of the Wii remote has been quickly placed on top of a game interface designed for buttons.

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    Celebrity Sports Wii 1 The graphical presentation of this title is below average and lackluster. It appears to be a bit dated in places, with dull colors and bad generic scenes. The environments have no real detail and absolutely no visual texture to speak of. The character animations were pretty smooth and steady for the most part, although many of the movements of the characters are a bit weird for some of the activities and not realistically portrayed.

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    Sounds in the Game

    This game for the Wii has boring and mundane music that often plays continuously. It adds no energy or pace to the gameplay and seems like it has been added on as an afterthought. Also, none of the celebrities in the game have any nice one liners or anything even remotely entertaining or engaging to say during the game play. I guess they're present in name only.

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    Celebrity Sports Wii 3 Celebrity Sports Showdown allows you to paddle down a river in a wild river run or inner tube ride, play beach volleyball, smash badminton, scale a cliff, or try a gladiator-style joust duel. There are a total of twelve sports to take part in including Arena Dodge Ball, Slalom Showdown, Cliff Hangers, Air Races, Rapid Fire Archery and 5 others. The game also has 10 celebrities to use as playable characters, including Keith Urban, Paul Pierce, and 8 others.

    This isn't a very playable game for gamers who have had a chance to give Wii Sports or Rayman Raving Rabbits TV Party a try. However, it will certainly provide the younger crowd and novice gamers with a few hours of fun and entertainment.

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    Celebrity Sports Showdown ultimately can only be recommended for young gamers who like a pick-up and play game that only provides a marginal challenge. The developers have done enough to reach their target audience of the casual and young gamer, but it isn't going down in Wii history as a game to remember. The important thing seems to be that Carnival Games sold pretty well and this should do even better because it has Reggie Bush and Nelly Furtado.