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Wacky World of Sports Wii Preview

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Sega's Wacky World of Sports includes ten of the strangest sports on the face of the virtual-Earth, including tuna tossing, card boxing, extreme ironing, ice golf, furniture racing, and five other sports you probably haven't played before.

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    Wacky World of Sports is a fun and entertaining Wii game Wii gamers who want to play a fun, engaging, and satisfying video game with sports so unique and off-the-wall that it's unbelievable that somebody would attempt to make a video game for the Wii gaming console using them as the main entertainment. Can soon live their dream with the a video game being produced and developed by Sega for the Wii gaming console called Wacky World of Sports. This unusual sports genre video game for the Wii game console will include 10 sports based upon real sports played by inventive, innovative, and usual sports athletes from countries around the known world, like Italy, England, Australia, Austria, and the Netherlands. These sports have been entertaining people for years around the world and soon you'll be able to experience them in the comfort of your own living room.

    Have you ever taken part in a real tuna throwing content, been a competitor in a furniture racing contest in your hometown or in a neighboring city, or maybe you always wanted to take a trip to England to take part in the real extreme ironing competitions to see if your skydiving skills match your ironing prowess. We'll, when Wacky World of Sports arrives, you'll be able to stay home and give any of these unusual and slightly weird sports activities a try from the comfort of your couch. The kids, your friends, and even your family members could be throwing tunas, doing a little high-flying ironing, driving a chair that looks like the one grandma use to sit in down the street, and seven other sports that are so unbelievable you'll think the competitors must be crazy.

    Wacky World of Sports is scheduled for release exclusively for the Wii Game Console in November of this year, just in time to entertain your kids over the Christmas holidays and beyond.

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    The Story so Far

    Wacky World of Sports is a video game the kids will want to play more of 

    Wacky World of Sports has a cast of characters and sports with a unique look and style, a funny looking lumberjack, thick-armed Viking tuna-thrower, and a wild boss that the developers have dropped hints about, but haven't given us a glimpse of, yet. There are 4 main characters and an additional 8 characters to choose from, but things could be different in the final game. You'll be able to play one of these larger-than-life characters while playing the Tour mode, which will allow you to travel around the world to challenge and defeat the current world champions in all ten included sports. Both single and multiplayer modes are expected to be available in the game when it arrives, along with Wii controls that allow for true-to-life motions and gestures to be included in the game play.

    Wacky World of Sports is expected to be rated for everyone above the age of ten and will include some mild cartoon violence, so parents be warned. Certainly, most parents probably won't be concerned about a little cartoon violence, unless they have played something like Madworld. But parents who are concerned about any level of violence in video games will certainly want to pay attention to the rating of the game, and check out the reviews, before allowing their kids to play.

    If Wacky World of Sports sound like a Wii exclusive video game that your kids and maybe even you might want to take a look at playing. You can begin your search in the stores around November, but don't be surprised if it takes a little longer to create a sports adventure as unique as Wacky World of Sports and be patient. If all goes as expect, then for Christmas we can all look forward to playing a Wii video game that could be a one of a kind experience that were going to want to remember.