PSP Gamers' Half Minute Hero Video Game Review: Why This Fun Little Game Will Have You Playing Your Half Minute for Hours!

PSP Gamers' Half Minute Hero Video Game Review: Why This Fun Little Game Will Have You Playing Your Half Minute for Hours!
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Is the Game Play in Half Minute Hero Fun? (4 out of 5)

Half Minute Hero for the PSP challenges you to save the world thirty seconds at a time by shooting and fighting, while collecting the money that you receive every time you kill an opponent. This action RPG for the PSP also has a few basic elements of an RTS video game included in the simple game play.

In these great little PSP games, you’ll need to grind the level and collect money along the way to buy equipment and keep your health up. Run over the world map in an attempt to reach the castle and defeat the castle boss, all in thirty seconds, a simple concept yet very challenging, especially in the later levels of Half Minute Hero. The action is fast-paced, satisfying and useful with a simple game play concept that entertains all ages of gamer.

They included 5 unique and completely different experiences with the 5 different PSP games modes they have put into Half Minute Hero, along with an unlockable mode. Each of the included modes also has a different story line, including a shooter, RPG, escort mission and a strategy scenario. All the modes include about 30 levels of short but intense game play that was a lot of fun to play. The Half Minute Hero mode was the best of the modes but certainly not the hardest to beat. The Half Minute Demon mode allows you to summon demons and other evil beasts to fight off opponents. Half Minute Princess mode puts you in the slippers of a princess with an army of archers. The Half Minute Defender mode is the unlockable mode in which you’re a knight protecting a sorcerer for the full 30 seconds, while the fifth mode is insanely challenging to beat. In this mode you have 3 seconds to beat each stage with the main character.

How Does Half Minute Hero Look? (4 out of 5)

Half Minute Hero RPG for the PSP is an 8-bit wonder from the old ages with an old school pixelated characters that are still amusing and older RPG fanatics will love the look. They did include beautiful rendered cut scenes that are pretty good for a PSP title, but everything else is 8-bit technology. Surprisingly, despite the older look Half Minute Hero is very appealing on the eyes, and the older look of this title doesn’t decrease the fun of playing.


Half Minute Hero for the PSP

Half Minute Hero entertains and satisfies

Does Half Minute Hero Have Good Sound Quality? (4 out of 5)

Half Minute Hero for the PSP has a great sound track with toe-tapping tunes with energy and style that really entertain with this fast-paced video game. The music for this RPG is beautifully scripted to combine with the energy of the game play to keep you glued to the screen and it works. The music score is a hard rocking track that creates a pace of game play that keeps your energy flowing and the action intense.

Do You Want to Play Half Minute Hero Again? (4 out of 5)

Half Minute Hero is a video game you’ll want to play over and over again in all the modes, accept for maybe the Half Minute Defender mode, which is over-the-top difficult. Once you finish the first 15 hours it takes to make it through the included content, you can play the unlocked mode, and then give the multiplayer for up to four friends to compete in head to head battles a try.

A few Last Words About Half Minute Hero (4 out of 5)

Half Minute Hero is a quick-paced video game that all ages and level of gamer will enjoy. A great game for a long road trip or trip on a plane across the sea, Half Minute Hero is so entertaining you might want to finish it before you start your vacation. Half Minute Hero is an action video game for the PSP worth the price of admission.