SimCity 4 Cheats - Giving You That Little Edge - Cheat Codes for SimCity 4

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SimCity 4 is an extremely complex game. Its not rare therefore, for anyone to have trouble reaching the goal of a bustling metropolis, free of problems. If you find yourself getting struck, there are cheats you can use that can make life a whole lot easier. This is your warning though - these cheats can drastically effect gameplay, so if you don’t want to ruin that, don’t read further.

To use any of these cheats, you need to press the Control key with the ‘X’ key, which will reveal the cheat box.

Cheats That Give You More

You get a great deal of money to start out a city, but as anyone knows, money gets spent very quickly when you have an entire city to fund. So if you are in need of more, you can enter ‘weaknesspays’ in the cheat console, at which point you’ll be rewarded with $1000. You don’t even have to pay this loan back.

Are you tired of always having to adjust power for your city? Well open up that console and type in ‘fightthepower’, which will remove all power requirements for your city. It doesn’t really tell you what your city is running on now, but you can always form your own ideas. Miniature rodent-powered engines? Ozone-friendly bio-fuel? Your guess is as good as any.

At some point in your city building, you will have to provide water to your thirsty citizens. But what if you really don’t want that hassle? Well thankfully there is a cheat called ‘howdryiam’, which removes all the water requirements for your buildings. Again, its not really clear what the little humans are drinking, but maybe they’ve all instantly switched to soda pop?

Getting rewards in SimCity 4 can sometimes be a difficult and annoying task. If there were only some quicker way to access these municipal benefits? Well thanks to the cheat known as ‘you don’t deserve it’, you’ll be able to use every reward possible in the entire game. Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

Cheats To Change Game Behavior

While these might not make life easier, the following cheats allow you to change certain things you normally might not be able to. For example, if you named your city something really ignorant and want to change it, you’d have to start all over. But if you use the cheat known as ‘whererufrom’, followed by a new name, your city can embrace an entirely new moniker.

Or maybe the problem is that you typed your name in incorrectly, and being Mayor Buzzkill really isn’t what you had in mind. That little problem is easy to fix as well, thanks to the cheat called ‘hellomynameis’, followed by your new and improved name. You don’t even have to go to the DMV for a new driver’s license.

Finally, suppose you really don’t like the current time of day (or night) in your city and you just want to change it. You can really utilize your god power by typing in the code ‘whattimeizit’, followed by a number. The next thing you know, you’ve moved the sun and moon in an instant, transforming a day of boring work into an evening for nightlife. Its good to be the King….er, Mayor.

Final Summary

SimCity 4 is definitely a demanding game, much like its predecessors in the series. Each new edition becomes harder and harder to succeed at, but with these cheat codes in hand, you’ll soon be sitting on top of a huge metropolis, your citizen rating higher than its ever been, and able to change night to day in an instant. Enjoy the power, and enjoy the game.