iPhone Game Updates - Fieldrunners and Sim City

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Version 1.1

With iPhone darlings Fieldrunners and Sim City receiving substantial updates in the App Store, is now truly the best time to buy? If you’ve got the money to spare, I’d recommend buying both of these apps. But if you don’t have enough money, here’s the breakdown of what each one of these games is about, as well as what their latest updates managed to correct or update:


Following the tradition of the computer “desktop tower defense” games, fieldrunners is extremely addictive and easy to use on the iPhone. For those who aren’t aware of this genre of gaming, essentially, the defense involves a stream of little soldiers and vehicles going from one side of a map to another. Your objective in all of this is to stop these invaders from reaching the opposite end of the map - in order to accomplish this, for every soldier you kill, you obtain extra money that can be used to buy towers, which are structures that kill the stream of soldiers and vehicles. These towers grow in complexity as you gain more money and allow you to dispatch more enemies as time goes on. This game goes on until enough soldiers make it across to give you a game over.

The latest update to Fieldrunners patched several things, but the best part has to be the new map. As Fieldrunners was originally only available with two maps, the third map is a more than welcome addition - giving the player additional options for dispatching the enemy soldiers. For a free update, not only do you get an extra map, but you also get additional towers to play around with in the different maps and higher difficulties. This update is definitely in the vein of Valve-esque updates, where the developer wants to give you a lot more than bang for your buck. If you have less than enough cash, the Fieldrunners game is the perfect addition to your iPhone.

Sim City

Sim City is the exact same game that can be found on the PC, only micro-scaled down for your iPhone. The controls are precise and the ability to create your own micro city is incredible to say the least - you’re building things right down to the subway and water systems for the city. As your city grows, your city advisor will help you out to make micromanaging less of a hassle. The fun part of the game is making sure that your city doesn’t collapse due to nothing.

The latest Sim City update essentially provides a patch for the problems that were found in game stability, and fixes the problems of transportation roadblocks throughout your cities that was a real quirk. The update is not substantial, but was essential for those already hooked on the game. Overall, unless you’re the hardest of the hardcore in terms of Sim City, it’s probably not worth your time and money.

And there you go - all things being equal, for those that consider themselves on casual gamers or who want a concentrated experience on the iPhone.